Simple ways to protect your brain from neurotoxicity

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Image: Simple ways to protect your brain from neurotoxicity

(Natural News) The brain is a complex organ that is central to the many body functions that humans have, which is why it is crucial to take good care of it. Every day, there is a risk of being exposed to neurotoxins that are harmful to the brain. Fortunately, there are many ways to protect the brain from neurotoxin-induced damage.

Neurotoxicity is a condition wherein the brain has acquired damage due to the presence of neurotoxins. These neurotoxins can either be synthetic or naturally occurring. Some examples of neurotoxins include manganese, botox, recreational drugs, anti-psychotic medications, food additives, environmental pollution, nail polish, pesticides, paints, and many others.

Exposure to these neurotoxins can directly or indirectly interfere with brain function. They can work by preventing synapse formation, which could inhibit communication between brain cells. In addition, neurotoxins can also alter the levels of hormones for nervous system development and promote oxidative stress that leads to the degradation of nerves and brain cells. Because of these impaired brain functions and features, neurotoxicity has also been associated with an increased risk for diseases like autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and multiple sclerosis.

To avoid the adverse effects of neurotoxin exposure, here is a list of things that can help protect your brain:

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To avoid neurotoxicity, you have to be more mindful of the things you consume, the places you go, and everything else that you may be exposed to since neurotoxins can be found almost anywhere. (Related: A hundred health sapping neurotoxins are hidden in packaged and restaurant food.)

Symptoms of neurotoxicity

Some people might not realize that they have been exposed to high amounts of neurotoxins until they have developed severe brain problems. To help identify this neurotoxicity, here are some common symptoms of this condition:

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