80 Percent of Store Receipts Contain Bisphenol – Test Results: Receipts From 2022

Test Results: Receipts From 2022

The table shows test results from purchase receipts printed at national and large regional chain stores in the United States in 2022.

BPS = Bisphenol S

BPA = Bisphenol A

BusinessReceipts TestedStore LocationsResults
7-Eleven 1 MI BPS
Ace Hardware 4 MI BPS
Altar’d State 1 MN BPS
Amazon 1 Unknown BPS
American Eagle 1 CA BPS
Apple Store 1 MI BPS
Athleta 2 IL, MI BPS
Auto Zone 2 MD, MN BPS
Bahama Breeze 2 DE BPS
Barnes & Noble 1 MI BPS
Baskin Robbins 1 MI BPS
Bed Bath and Beyond 2 MI, VA BPS
Best Buy 5 MD, MI, MN, VA Non-bisphenol
Big Lots 1 MD BPS
Bojangles 1 TN BPS
Boston Market 1 NJ BPS
BP Sunrise 1 FL BPS
Burger King 1 MI BPS
Carter’s 1 MI BPS
Casey’s General Store 1 MN BPS
Cenex Travel Plaza 2 MN BPS
Chick-fil-A 1 MD, TN BPS
Chipotle 5 CA, D.C., IL, MI BPS
Circle K 4 MI BPS
Clothes Mentor 1 MI BPS
Costco 1 MN BPS
Costco 5 MI, MN, WA Non-bisphenol
Costco Gas 1 MI BPS
Culver’s 1 MN Uncoated
CVS 7 MA, MI, MN Non-bisphenol
Dairy Queen 1 MN BPS
Dick’s Sporting Goods 1 MI BPS
Dollar General 1 MI BPS
Dollar Tree 6 MI, MN, NJ BPS
Domino’s Pizza 1 MN BPS
Dunham’s Sports 1 MI BPS
Dunkin Donuts 1 MI BPS
Exxon Cross Roads Gas and C-store 2 MD BPS
Family Dollar 3 MD, MI BPS
FedEx 1 MI BPS
Five Below 3 MI, NJ BPS
Food Lion 3 GA, NC, VA BPS
Forever 21 1 MI BPS
FP Movement (Free People) 1 CA BPS
Fresh Thyme 2 MI BPS
Gap Outlet 1 MD BPS
Giant 3 MD, VA BPS
H Mart 1 MA BPS
H&M 1 MN Non-bisphenol
Hannaford 1 ME BPS
Harbor Freight 1 MI BPS
Harris Teeter 2 D.C., NC BPS
Holiday Station Store 3 MN BPS
Home Goods 3 MI, NJ Non-bisphenol
Hot Topic 1 MI BPS
Huntington Bank 1 MI BPS
Hy-Vee 1 MN BPS
Illy Coffee 1 MI BPS
In-N-Out Burger 1 CA BPS
Jamba Juice 1 MN BPS
JCPenney 2 MD BPS
Jersey Mike’s Subs 1 MD BPS
JoAnn Fabric and Crafts 3 MI, MN BPS
Kohl’s 1 MI BPS
Kroger 19 MI BPS
Kroger Fuel 1 MI BPS
Kwik Trip 2 MN BPS
L.L. Bean 1 MN BPS
Lego 1 NY BPS
Little Caesar’s 1 MI BPS
Lowe’s 5 MD, MI, NJ BPS
Lululemon 1 CA Non-bisphenol
Macy’s 1 MI BPS
Marshalls 1 MI Non-bisphenol
McDonald’s 7 MI, MN, TN, VA BPS
Meijer 7 MI BPS
Meijer Gas Station 2 MI BPS
Menards 5 MI, MN BPS
Michaels Craft Store 2 MN, NJ BPS
NAPA Auto Parts 1 MN BPS
Noodles & Company 2 MI BPS
Nordstrom 1 MI BPS
Nordstrom Rack 1 MI BPS
Ocean State Job Lot 2 MA BPS
Office Depot 2 MD, MI BPS
Old Navy 2 CA, MD BPS
Olive Garden 2 NJ BPS
One Stop 2 WV BPS
Panda Express 7 MD BPS
Panda Express 2 MD Inconclusive
Panera Bread 2 MI BPS
Party City 1 MI BPS
Petco 2 CA, MN BPS
PetPeople 1 MI BPS
PetSmart 3 MI, MN, NJ BPS
PGA Tour Superstore 1 MN BPS
Pho Hoa 1 MA BPA
Pilot 2 KY, SC BPS
Plum Market 2 MI BPS
Popeye’s 6 MD BPS
Ragstock 2 MI, MN BPS
Ralphs 1 CA BPS
REI 2 MI, WA Non-bisphenol
Rite Aid 6 MI, NY BPS
Runnings 2 MN BPS
Sally Beauty 1 MD BPS
Sam’s Club 3 MN, NV BPS
Sam’s Club Gas 2 NV Non-bisphenol
Sephora at JC Penney 1 MI BPS
Shake Shack 1 MI BPS
Shell 4 MD, MI BPS
Sherwin-Williams 2 MI BPS
ShopRite 2 NJ BPS
Sierra Trading Post 1 MI Non-bisphenol
Smith’s Food and Drug 1 NV BPS
Speedway 1 MN BPS
Spencer’s 1 MI BPS
Staples 1 MI BPS
Starbucks 2 MI, WA Non-bisphenol
Subway 1 MI BPS
Taco Bell 2 MN, WV BPS
Target 17 MI, MN, NJ, NY, VA, WA Non-bisphenol
The Home Depot 8 MA, MD, MI, MN, NJ, VA BPS
The UPS Store 1 MN BPS
The Vitamin Shoppe 1 MI BPS
Tim Horton’s 1 MI BPS
TJ Maxx 1 MI Non-bisphenol
Trader Joe’s 13 CA, MA, MD, MI, MN, NC, NV Non-bisphenol
Ulta 1 MI BPS
United States Postal Service 12 MI, MN BPS
Universal Studios 2 FL BPS
Verizon 1 NY BPS
Victoria’s Secret 1 MI BPS
Walgreens** 6 MI, MN, NY, WA BPS
Walmart 11 FL, GA, MA, MD, MI, MN, NJ BPS
Wegmans 5 MA ,NJ, NY BPS
Wendy’s 3 MN BPS
Whole Foods Market 3 CA BPS
Whole Foods Market 13 CA, FL, MA, MI, WA Non-bisphenol
WinCo Foods 1 NV BPS
Wyndham Garden Hotel 1 MI BPS

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