Board-certified pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole: Spike protein in mRNA vaccines causes unusual clumping in the bloodstream

Board-certified pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole: Spike protein in mRNA vaccines causes unusual clumping in the bloodstream

( Natural News ) Board-certified pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole talked about how the spike protein in Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) mRNA vaccines trigger unusual clumping in the bloodstream at a recent White Coat Summit.

“So, this is really unusual in clotting mechanisms,” Cole explained. “To see something like this and a protein that will do this in the absence of other things that are usually necessary for a clot is very unusual. And again, concerning.”

In relation to this, Dr. Resia Pretorius from South Africa showed that spike protein can cause proteins to clump together if you take platelets out of the blood.

Cole warned during his presentation that the mRNA vaccine’s spike protein is toxic , causing adverse health outcomes in the short term and also for future generation. The spike protein creates blood clots that impede the flow of blood to the heart and other organs vital to human health.

According to Cole, the mRNA vaccines caused a 200 percent hike in the rate of myocarditis. He also noted that Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine caused a 16 percent decline in fertility in rats. The pathologist shared that placentas delivered to his office contain spike proteins and are not properly sized in accordance with the age of gestation. Placenta is important in the development of the fetus during pregnancy.

The mRNA vaccines appear to have caused the placentas to calcify, likely as a result of the spike protein. Additional analysis revealed the placentas also have considerable inflammation and antibodies, essentially becoming a post-jab toxic stew that is not conducive to health or survival.

Additionally, whistleblower and renowned writer Naomi Wolf revealed that some midwives told her that the placentas of vaccinated mothers are shrunken and have a silver-gray color. These signs mean that the placentas are not big enough to sustain a normal baby. (Related: Naomi Wolf: No more normal placentas since COVID-19 vaccine rollout .)

“It’s an experiment, an emergency authorization, not approved. Humanity is the phase 3 trial . What is the risk for cancer after the shot? What is the risk of autoimmune disease after the shot? What is the risk of impairing fertility for a lifetime? We don’t know,” Cole said. “So why in the world are we really pushing forward at the pace rate we’re going without knowing these things? It’s a complete attack on science and a complete attack on us.” Spike proteins can also damage the brain

The spike proteins induced by the mRNA vaccines can also cause neurological damage . This was according to retired neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock.

“This [COVID-19] injection is an injection of artificial exosomes. The brain is one of the most complex things in the entire universe and people in the medical profession really don’t understand this injection. They don’t understand what it does to the neurological apparatus of the brain and spinal cord,” Blaylock said.

He explained that when there’s systemic inflammation or any kind of trauma occurs in the body, it produces inflammation and activation of the immune system. “This sends a signal to the brain within minutes and starts activating the microglia, which is the inflammatory, cytotoxic cell in the brain,” he said, adding that this is what would happen following the first dose of the COVID-19 injection.

As the second dose is injected months later, primed microglia become fully activated. It will then release all the toxic components.

“You get chronically activated microglia [in] overactivated state, and there’s a threefold higher inflammatory reaction than you’d normally get with microglial activation,” he said.

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