Biased transgender textbook used to train psychiatrists could damage millions of children, experts warn

Biased transgender textbook used to train psychiatrists could damage millions of children, experts warn


Experts are warning that a new textbook that is being used to train psychiatrists on transgenderism could put the health and fertility of countless children at risk.

The book, Gender-Affirming Psychiatric Care , which was written by transgender activists and printed by the American Psychiatric Association’s publishing house, goes against scientific principles and promotes the idea that a person’s gender is whatever they want it to be.

One Oklahoma psychiatrist, Dr. Lauren Schwartz, explained how far-reaching the effects of relying on his book could be.

“This is a huge issue; millions more kids will be harmed,” she cautioned.

She told The Epoch Times that the introduction to the textbook discloses the fact that it was based on an “evidence-informed approach”, which lack the scientific authority of an evidence- based approach.

The foreword to the book boasts that 50 of the book’s 56 authors are part of the transgender community, which means they are not going to approach the topic from a neutral standpoint. They include an investigator for the National LGBT Health Education Center and a University of Pennsylvania psychiatry resident who identified as transgender and says they are a “non-binary/trans, queer, neurodivergent, chronically ill, Jewish person.”

One of Dr. Schwartz’s biggest concerns is that the textbook’s development team was selected by “prioritizing lived experience, diversity of perspectives, and community impact of prior work over academic titles.”

In addition, because it was printed by the publishing house of the American Psychological Association, many people will believe it is an authoritative source that is well researched and should be trusted.

Moreover, lawmakers, attorneys and doctors seeking to practice gender-affirming care may feel justified in quoting it to support their pursuits.

Her fears are shared by Texas neuropsychologist Alan Hopewell, who told The Epoch Times : “This is nonsensical gibberish which has no foundation whatsoever in science.”

He pointed out that the authority it gains with the APA name on it could even mean that hospitals might insist doctors follow it to the letter. In the worst cases, it could be used as the basis for revoking the license of a doctor who won’t follow its advice.

In the foreword of the book, the writers take issue with the scientific fact that only women are capable of having babies. “For example, naming an obstetrics and gynecology practice a women’s health center is cis-normative because it assumes the practice will only serve patients with one gender,” they claim. Book’s claim that puberty blockers are safe is irresponsible

One chapter is devoted to “two-spirit people.” This is a term for people who believe they are somehow both genders. Another chapter claims that puberty blockers are safe to use in children and that “pubertal suppression is fully reversible.”

Dr. Schwartz says this stance is the opposite of what scientists in Europe maintain, while Dr. Hopewell says that puberty blockers lead to problems with adolescent brain development and can also impact bone growth. Finland, Sweden and Norway have all cut back on their use of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones recently.

Some of the studies the book cites have already been questioned by scientists. For example, the Dutch Protocol studies, which serve as the foundation of the gender affirmation model that is used today, have been criticized by numerous scientists.

It’s also important to note that the FDA ordered the makers of Lupron, a puberty blocker often prescribed off-label to minors who want to transition, to add a warning to it explaining that children can develop new psychiatric problems when they take the drug, and it can make existing problems worse. The FDA recently added another warning about the risk of experiencing vision loss and brain swelling when taking the drug.

An attorney who represents people who are detransitioning after regretting sex changes, Ron Miller, also believes that the textbook’s affirmations of gender transitions could see millions of children being harmed from the brutal side effects of sex change surgery , taking hormones and undergoing sterilization procedures.

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