Stimulants commonly used as nootropics like Adderall and Ritalin decrease mental performance and concentration study finds

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Adderall – Is it just legal meth, a Medicine or Adderall High?

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Adderall is not a smart pill, it is an addictive stimulant related to methamphetamine.   Discover Natural Alternatives to Adderall for ADHD Click here to view my list of the best nootropics and also the worst nootropics [content-egg module=RssFetcher]

Natural Remedies for ADHD. Alternative to Adderall.

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  An alternative all-natural brain booster How about an all natural alternative to dangerous stimulants like Adderall? So now that you have read about CX-516, how about a natural brain and memory stimulant based on Chinese herbal medicine. It is called Re-Memery Plus. Learn…

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