EVERY policy change the Democrats want to push is first framed by playing political football with CHILDREN

EVERY policy change the Democrats want to push is first framed by playing political football with CHILDREN
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Image: EVERY policy change the Democrats want to push is first framed by playing political football with CHILDREN

(Natural News) When the Democrats want to make something an issue, they always trot out “the children” as props to support their stated objective.

We need universal healthcare “for the children,” even if it bankrupts them as an unsustainable policy when they reach adulthood.

We must have more gun control and outright gun bans “for the children,” even if it means more of them will no longer be defended by responsible gun-owning parents and thus be at greater risk from criminals.

Now, of course, we must have open borders “for the children” because POTUS Trump and his evil jack-booted Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents are throwing migrant children into gulags and “concentration camps” — or something like that.

As noted by Arthur Schaper at Townhall.com, the issue of separating children from adults who cross illegally into the U.S. is being blown way out of proportion by “faux outrage.”

“The chattering classes wail about the separation of illegal families, but what about the American parents who have been separated from their families and can never reunite with them?” he writes, in reference to American families whose family members have been killed or injured by people in the U.S. illegally. (Related: GAMING our system: Illegal aliens using minors to gain entry into U.S. up 315 percent.)

He notes further that the migrant children being separated from adults “are receiving adequate food, shelter, clothing, and an education” — all at taxpayer’s expense, of course.

Democrats — who are demonstrating yet again they prefer to support everyone except American citizens — have no real interest in these children other than using them for political gain. If they really cared about them they would have passed a comprehensive immigration reform bill when they controlled Congress in 2009-2010 and Obama was in the White House.

Really, it’s all about power

Of course, Democrats have used children in the past for authoritarian purposes as well. In California, for example, Democrats passed — over the objection of scores of parents — a mandatory vaccine bill that eliminated any objections and criminalized refusal to comply. Natural News reported at the time:

Under SB 277, only certain medical conditions approved by a physician would constitute valid enough reason in the eyes of the state to skip childhood jabs. This egregious affront to medical freedom would forcibly relinquish parental authority over children and transfer it to the government, disallowing parents the freedom to make proper medical decisions for their own kids.

The measure passed and was signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown, striking a fatal blow to medical freedom for parents and their children.

More recently, Left-wing Democrats attempted to use “the children” to get authoritarian gun control passed in Florida (and nationally) following the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shootings in February.

Using brainwashed students like David Hogg to push their agenda, Democrats continually bashed conservatives and Republican opponents as being ‘anti-children’ or ‘against kids’ because they refused to allow the Left to decimate the Second Amendment even more than it already has been.

To some extent the pressure campaign worked: “The bill, passed by the Senate earlier this week, implements a three-day waiting period on firearm purchases, bans bump stocks, raises the age to buy a gun of any kind to 21 and creates a program to train school personnel to carry weapons,” the New York Daily News reported.

Using kids as victim props is an age-old Democratic tactic. But as we’ve seen time and again in the past, it’s just that — a tactic. Democrats don’t care about anything except obtaining and then retaining power. If it means they have to exploit children in order to get it, then they’re more than willing to do that.

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J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for NaturalNews.com and NewsTarget.com, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.

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