offers a wealth of information on healing foods and harmful ingredients offers a wealth of information on healing foods and harmful ingredients
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(Natural News) Getting the latest scoop on healthy eating can be a chore — especially given how deep industry influences seem to run. Whether it’s covering up toxins hiding in food, or denying the dangers of common ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, the mainstream media has suppressed the truth about food (and what’s actually in it) long enough. For many people, learning more about what’s in food, and how food can be used as both a preventative and a medicine, is growing increasingly important.

What if you could find stories on all the latest research on food, nutrients and toxic ingredients to avoid all in one place? At, you can get all the details you need on the benefits of superfoods and healing foods, how food can help prevent disease, and more — and you can learn about the hidden dangers lurking on grocery store shelves, too.

Learn what heals and what harms

To say that food is medicine shouldn’t be a controversial statement, but under Big Pharma’s rule, anything that you can buy without a prescription is “anti-science,” or something to that effect. But the truth is that ignoring the benefits of good nutrition and healing foods is what goes against virtually all available science. While conventional medicine will admit that poor diet can cause disease, how often do you see medical professionals recommending foods like nuts to reduce heart disease risk, or herbs like turmeric to help prevent cancer?

In a recent study, scientists looked at the health benefits of fermented turmeric. While its already known that turmeric contains immensely beneficial compounds like curcumin, which have been shown to fight cancer, fermented turmeric seems to be a whole new “animal.” The Korean research team ultimately found that fermented turmeric helped protect the brain against oxidative stress and inflammation, and may prevent age-related cognitive decline.

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In addition to the health benefits of food and herbs, also provides a host of recipes and other tips.

The politics of food

In addition to providing the latest information on what heals and what harms, also offers coverage on the latest food politics. Whether it be related to freedom and choice, government agencies that are putting corporate interests before human safety or another atrocity from Monsanto, if it’s related to food, this budding independent media site has got it covered. Unlike the mainstream media, independent media is free of industry ties and corporate interests — something many “trusted” sources can’t claim these days. Look no further than the recently revealed-as-fraudulent academic groups operating at Monsanto’s side to obscure the truth about glyphosate for proof of that.

At, you can find real, science-backed information about what makes a food good, or what doesn’t, and you can stay up-to-date on the latest food-related politics and other issues, too.

As a recent article details, Founder and Co-CEO of Nature’s Path, Arran Stephens, announced in a letter that the company would be withdrawing from the Organic Trade Association. Stephens says the choice to leave was driven by the OTA’s recent (and highly contested) support of agribusiness interests. Stephens reportedly stated, “We believe giant food corporations, that also happen to own small organic brands, use the OTA to influence policy decisions to protect the best interest of their large, non-organic food portfolios.”

You can stay up-to-date on the latest news and research on food with

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