Huffington Post shills for Monsanto, recommends consumers eat more pesticides

Huffington Post shills for Monsanto, recommends consumers eat more pesticides
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Image: Huffington Post shills for Monsanto, recommends consumers eat more pesticides

(Natural News) Eat your bug-killing corn and your weed-killing soy and shut up. That’s the ultimate message coming from the Bayer/Monsanto shills at “HuffPo” (Huffington Post) and the Environmental Protection Agency, the latter of which should be renamed the Environmental Promotion of Poisonous Pesticides Agency (EPPPA). Any food that doesn’t make you deathly sick the same day you eat it is considered “generally recognized as safe” by any scientist, journalist, or federal regulator on the trickle-down payroll that comes from the deep pockets of “Ag-Tech” biotechnology firms, also known as the Biotech Cartel.

Let’s face it, anyone can call biotechnology “cutting edge science” and the “advance of agricultural technology,” but the truth is that humans should not be consuming food that’s genetically engineered in a laboratory to destroy the digestive tracts of insects, to annihilate the reproductive capabilities of animals, and to contain weed-killing compounds that cause liver failure, kidney malfunction, and massive cancerous tumors in lab rats.

That’s all just common sense, and anyone questioning the safety of repetitively eating these agriculture toxins is not “anti-science,” but rather pro-science, because that’s the basis of all science to begin with – to ask tough, important questions and then investigate to find answers.

Shilling for the Bio-Tech Cartel is nothing new, and the posers, hucksters and charlatans are becoming easier to identify

GMO-pushing quacks are a dime a dozen. For years, top investigative journalists at have spent countless hours uncovering the fraudsters and exposing the huckster media outlets that employ them, or that they run themselves.

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The list is too long to publish, for it would be like mining bitcoins, but here are some of the most prevalent journo-terrorists and biotech buffoons (and their websites) that pop up regularly, spewing propaganda and the same-ole tired tales of how genetic engineering is the same as traditional crossbreeding, and how biotechnology farming generates “better yields,” and that GMOs will save a starving world that’s certainly soon to burst into flames from global warming.

Top GMO propaganda posers, shills and huckster websites exposed

Jon Entine

Kevin Folta (exposed “public scientist” on Monsanto’s “bonus” roll)

David Gorski at the Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit

… and the list just goes on and on.

The World’s top seed companies pay scientists and journalists to push their genetically “mutated” propaganda

So who owns most of the seeds, wants to own them all, and would love to genetically modify them all to contain bug killer and weed killer? The ETC group exposes the “Gene Giants” who want to eliminate farmer’s rights while convincing Americans that eating pesticides is totally safe and beneficial. A few of the big guns are Monsanto (now owned by Bayer), Dupont, Syngenta, BASF, and Land O’ Lakes. Bayer now owns more than a quarter of the world’s seeds. BASF is the world’s largest chemical corporation.

Think about this for a minute: The world’s largest chemical corporations control most of the worlds crop seeds, and what are the biggest contributors to cancer and dementia? Chemicals. It only makes sense – Don’t eat cancer.

Be able to recognize the brain-washing language spewed by the hucksters and shills of the biotech cartel. They practice a “catch-and-release” type of logic, where they address your valid concerns about the dangers of eating GMOs, and then they appeal to your “science” logic and convince you that “everything in moderation” and you’ll be just fine. Well, you can’t drink snake venom or eat mercury in moderation, now can you?

In conclusion, here are some quotes from a recent propaganda piece about the “Dirty Dozen” – the soft skin produce group that absorbs more pesticides than any other kind. Huffington Post shill Jill Neimark wants you to keep eating your pesticide-laden foods and shut up while she collects her paycheck from the biotech cartel.

“The pesticide residues are such a tiny amount of risk compared to the huge amount of benefit we would all get if we ate the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables,” says geneticist Anastasia Bodnar, policy director of Biology Fortified Inc., a nonprofit that fosters conversation about issues in food and agriculture.

Bodnar first demystified the Dirty Dozen in detail back in 2010. Plant pathologist Steve Savage agrees with her. Savage has analyzed the raw data numerous times, most recently in April. “The data actually says you should have great confidence in your food,” he concludes.

Read more about dangerous pesticides in American food at, and make sure you’re not falling for the genetically modified lies the hucksters perpetuate daily.

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