Man who transitioned into a woman, then into a diaper-wearing baby to “correct my life,” proves that transgenders need HELP, not affirmation

Man who transitioned into a woman, then into a diaper-wearing baby to “correct my life,” proves that transgenders need HELP, not affirmation
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Image: Man who transitioned into a woman, then into a diaper-wearing baby to “correct my life,” proves that transgenders need HELP, not affirmation

(Natural News) True love means saying or doing what’s best for another person, even if it offends him. And the need for true love has perhaps never been more needed than in today’s LGBTQP-saturated society, where mentally ill “rainbow” people are being affirmed in their derangement and perversion rather than lovingly helped to overcome it.

Consider 21-year-old “Camille” Lola, a self-identifying “transgender” who after his “conversion” came to the realization that he still isn’t happy or content, which prompted him to “convert” again into a diaper-wearing “baby.”

According to reports, the Switzerland native decided to become a “baby” upon realizing that he wasn’t actually a “woman” inside a man’s body, but rather a deeply broken individual who experienced serious trauma when he was a child, and now wants to “correct my life” by reliving his earliest years.

Presumably at the prompting of his “affirming friends,” Camille decided that the best course of action early on was to deny his biological existence and pretend to be the opposite sex, which didn’t work. So he’s now trying another form of role-playing that, like his first attempt, will also be unsuccessful.

That’s because Camille is in need of loving therapy or counseling to help him overcome his mental derangement, which he’s apparently beginning to self-diagnose as he explores transition after transition, while never finding success.

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“I got into this community for a sad reason,” Camille admitted during a recent interview.

“When I was a kid, I wasn’t able to eat a lot of food because it was giving me diarrhea. During my childhood, I had a lot of accidents at school, on holiday, with my family and I didn’t have many friends because of this.”

By becoming a “baby,” Camille believes he can somehow relive his childhood and do it right this time – which, while in a way addressing the root cause of his current derangement, still isn’t the right answer to his problems.

“I’m a shy baby and I don’t talk a lot,” Camille added. “But I laugh all the time when I’m in a really deep baby mood. I play with my toys or watch cartoons, maybe I’ll need help to eat and I let the adult check and change my nappy. But every day is different.”

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The Cult of LGBTQP is spreading HATE by affirming mentally ill people in their derangement

Camille is quite clearly very mentally ill, but he does appear to have correctly identified childhood trauma as the early trigger for his current derangement. But that’s what makes the whole thing even more sad: The fact that, rather than try to offer Camille the help he actually needs, the LGBTQP-brainwashed masses around him will only egg him on in embracing his mental illness as his “true identity.”

What Camille needs is a second chance at living a healthier, and perhaps more child-like adult life in order to heal the wounds that he endured as a child. This might look like his true friends and family taking a sensitive approach to their interactions with him while affirming his maleness and manhood.

But instead, Camille is presumably being told, “you go, girl,” by those around him who are more than likely regurgitating the demonic doctrines of LGBTQP that have been programmed into their brains as fake “love” and “tolerance” – not realizing that this affirmation is actually a form of hatred and abuse against mentally ill people who are in desperate need of real help in the form of tough love.

“Transgender people are unfortunately suffering from a significant mental illness that is deeply harmful, and it’s not a solution to pretend that transgender people are the sex that they think they are in their head,” says conservative commentator Ben Shapiro.

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