“Orgasm is God”… Meet the bizarre “orgasm cult” of the Left

“Orgasm is God”… Meet the bizarre “orgasm cult” of the Left
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Image: “Orgasm is God”… Meet the bizarre “orgasm cult” of the Left

(Natural News) A left-wing organization known as “OneTaste” that can only be described as a deviant sex cult claims to provide “emotional healing” through a so-called “wellness practice” known as “orgasmic meditation” (OM), which entails precisely what its name suggests: an attempt to achieve higher consciousness through sex. But victims say the whole thing is little more than a prostitution ring disguised as New Age therapeutics.

An in-depth investigation by Bloomberg reveals that many former members of the OneTaste sex cult, mostly women, have been deeply scarred by the bizarre activities that take place under its wide umbrella of “healing therapies” – which, in essence, are just varying forms of sexual exploitation masquerading as “alternative medicine.”

After speaking to 16 former members of OneTaste, Bloomberg‘s Ellen Huet discovered that the company’s higher-ups prey on emotionally vulnerable people, including trauma victims, who are desperate for true healing solutions. Using “flirtation” and sex to lure in such folks, those who run OneTaste then bombard them with even more trauma and abuse – of course at a very high price.

According to reports, classes at OneTaste range in price from anywhere between $199 for an “introduction” class to $4,000 for a “retreat,” and all the way up to $16,000 for what’s known as an “intensive” experience. OneTaste also began charging its victims $60,000 for an annual membership in 2014, having lured in some 1,400 people to become “coaches,” and another 6,500 for the “introductory class.” More than 14,000 people are also said to have signed up for OneTaste’s online courses and app.

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OneTaste is a money-making scam that brainwashes people into destroying their lives and finances, say critics

So what do OneTaste classes actually entail? The infamous “orgasmic meditation” class reportedly involves “a trademarked procedure that typically involves a man using a gloved, lubricated fingertip to stroke a woman’s clitoris for 15 minutes,” which is supposed to provide her with some kind of “healing.” Other classes involve instructing OneTaste staffers to simply have sex with female participants, or with each other.

“The company-hosted evening OM circles in Manhattan sometimes held 30 or more pairs of strokers and strokees in one room, the fully clothed men concentrating on their moving fingertips while the women, naked from the waist down, moaned, wailed, and sighed,” writes Huet about the disturbing details of OneTaste’s “classes,” citing the account of a former victim.

“Afterward, Michal and her co-workers would run that night’s OneTaste event, where they set up chairs, jogged the microphone over to attendees, and chatted up more sales leads. It was exhausting.”

So not only are victims being lured into OneTaste themselves under false pretenses, but they’re also being encouraged to do the same to others in multi-level marketing (MLM) format – all to enrich the company’s owner and other heads, of course.

While simultaneously claiming that “money is just an emotional obstacle” to the “bait” that takes issue with OneTaste’s high price tag, company higher-ups routinely encourage their salespeople to encourage others to sign up, even when doing so means having to take out “multiple credit cards to pay for classes.”

“You fluff someone to get them energetically and emotionally hard,” stated one former salesperson about the deceptive and highly manipulative tactics employed by OneTaste. “You were the dangled bait, like ‘You can have more of this if you buy this $10,000 course.'”

On some victims, this tactic apparently works quite well. One man by the name of Ruwan Meepagala says that something “broke” in his mind after racking up more than $30,000 in debt in order to participate in the OneTaste scam.

“I was no longer afraid of debt,” Meepagala stated about how his brain “breaking” experience resulted in him no longer worrying or caring about the outrageous costs associated with OneTaste participation.

“Once you break that barrier,” he added, in quintessential cult member fashion, “$3,000 is the same as $30,000.”

Be sure to read the full report about the OneTaste sex cult at Bloomberg.com.

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