Prepare yourself for SHTF: Exercises you’ll need for survival

Prepare yourself for SHTF: Exercises you’ll need for survival
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(Natural News) Preppers need not restrict their preparations to stockpiling, building shelters, and making bugout plans. They also need to strengthen their bodies and their minds. An article in Survivopedia recommends several types of physical and mental training that will put you in the best shape for escaping and surviving when SHTF.

Calm your mind through meditation

Your mind is an important part of your body. You must be able to stay calm even when the world is falling apart. Otherwise, you will not be able to execute your emergency plans.

Meditation is a great way to achieve a clear mind. It lets you concentrate on your breathing instead of random thoughts.

Sit in whatever position you prefer, keeping your back straight. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing for the next few minutes. Increase the duration of each session.

Consider setting aside some time to unplug yourself from distracting electronics. Don’t use any of your phones or appliances unless when they’re necessary. (Related: Exercise CAN save your life, especially when it comes to brain health.)

Exercises to build up arm strength

In addition to clearing up your mind, you must build muscles for the strength to haul important and heavy loads. You will need very specific weight training exercises that target important parts of your body.

In the suitcase carry exercise, you hold a free weight in one hand and carry it for a distance. Maintain your center of balance and keep your shoulders level. Alternate between hands to even out the weight training.

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The farmer’s walk is similar, except it fills your other hand with another free weight of the same mass.

The fireman’s carry lets you carry children or disabled people. Either pick up your partner using the piggyback technique or carry them over your shoulder while their legs hang down.

For the bear hug exercise, put your arms around a heavy object. Hold it to your chest while keeping your hands from touching. Walk a short distance while carrying the weight.

Strengthening your core muscles

The core muscles are comprised of the abdomen, hips, lower back, and pelvis. They support your back, keep your organs safe, increase your lifting and carrying capacity, and help mitigate back pain.

They can be improved through core exercises. Crunches are good at building up your abdominal muscles, although they must be done correctly. Planks and side planks target the pelvis and side muscles.

Finally, the superman exercise will bolster the muscles in your lower back. To this exercise, lie down on your belly, tighten your abdominal muscles, and then raise one of your arms from the floor. Keep this position for three deep breaths. Do this for your other arm, and then later for your legs.

A great benefit of building up your core muscles is that it will reduce back problems. Your core muscles take some weight off your spine and lower back.

Don’t stop running

To complete the trifecta of physical training, you need to increase your endurance. You must be able to keep moving for long periods of time on foot, preferably while carrying something heavy.

You can start by taking up running more regularly. Start slowly by walking or jogging. Build up momentum so that you can cover a set distance at a run.

As you get more used to running, you might want to add some parkour to your routine. This high-intensity sport can help you escape danger by letting you bypass obstacles like walls and dead ends.

Lastly, take up defense classes. Knowing martial arts will allow you to take advantage of your strength to defend yourself when SHTF.

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