Teen Vogue magazine now calling for abortion clinics on college campuses; celebrates abortion and encourages youth to pursue them en masse

Teen Vogue magazine now calling for abortion clinics on college campuses; celebrates abortion and encourages youth to pursue them en masse
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Image: Teen Vogue magazine now calling for abortion clinics on college campuses; celebrates abortion and encourages youth to pursue them en masse

(Natural News) In the Continental United States, you need to be 21 years old before you can legally drink alcohol. That’s because it is a recognized fact that young people are prone to impulsive, reckless behavior, which means that if they drink, they’re likely to get drunk, and highly likely to end up in sometimes fatal vehicular accidents.

The fact is, teens are at an incredibly difficult age where they are neither children nor adults. Though they may look and sound like mature grownups, the simple fact is that they are not, and they are prone to making reckless and even dangerous decisions. Any publication that has teenagers as their target audience, therefore, needs to be incredibly mindful of the messages they send to this vulnerable and impressionable group.

Apparently, the teen-focused glamour magazine Teen Vogue doesn’t see it that way. Instead of sticking to issues like young love and acne, this super liberal magazine recently published an article glorifying abortion, filled with feel-good stories about young girls “freed” by their ability to murder an innocent child. The article also bemoaned the fact that college students have to travel off campus to get an abortion – apparently, taking a life should take as little of your time as possible – and pushed for college campuses to provide medical abortion services. It also questioned “restrictions like parental consent laws,” which apparently make it even more inconvenient for teenage girls to deal with the consequences and responsibilities that come with being sexually active. (Related: Planned Parenthood videos tell gruesome story of organ-harvesting operation.)

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Youth Testify: Glamorizing abortion and hiding its dangers

The Teen Vogue article praises a group known as Youth Testify, which it labels a “leadership program” designed to give young women an opportunity to share their abortion “success” stories and “combat misinformation.” The group’s website claims:

Young people need to have a voice in conversations surrounding bodies, reproductive health, and abortion access because young people, as much as any of us, are capable of making the decisions they feel are best for them. [Emphasis added]

And Teen Vogue added:

The goal of the program, according to the NNAF [National Network of Abortion Funds, which was one of the groups that launched Youth Testify] is to show that young people who have had abortions are the experts on reproductive rights as well as the experts of their own experiences, and must be trusted with making decisions without anyone else’s permission. [Emphasis added]

This statement flies in the face of recognized science, which tells us that teens are simply not always capable of making the best decisions. How Stuff Works explains:

In adults, various parts of the brain work together to evaluate choices, make decisions and act accordingly in each situation. The teenage brain doesn’t appear to work like this. For comparison’s sake, think of the teenage brain as an entertainment center that hasn’t been fully hooked up. There are loose wires, so that the speaker system isn’t working with the DVD player, which in turn hasn’t been formatted to work with the television yet. And to top it all off, the remote control hasn’t even arrived!

And, neither Youth Testify nor Teen Vogue make any attempt to show both sides of the abortion story. There is no mention of the health dangers of abortion, and nowhere is the need stressed to get therapy or advice from a counselor or anyone else before making a massive, life-altering decision that the teen will have to live with for the rest of their lives.

This is not the first time Teen Vogue has punted abortion. In the past, it has run articles with titles like, “Study shows women who are denied abortions are more likely to experience poverty,” and “What to get a friend post-abortion,” which includes an illustrated, fun-looking slideshow designed to appeal to very young girls. (Related: Court rules government must pay for illegal immigrant teen’s abortion, setting dangerous precedent.)

In a society where morals and standards are dissolving faster than aspirin, it is becoming increasingly important to carefully monitor the printed and online material our teens are exposed to. Magazines like Teen Vogue have a lot to answer for, and one wonders how the young girls influenced by their glamorization of abortion will feel decades after they flippantly make the decision to end another human life.

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