Turmeric OUTPERFORMS conventional chemotherapy drugs in treating all forms of cancer

Turmeric OUTPERFORMS conventional chemotherapy drugs in treating all forms of cancer
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Image: Turmeric OUTPERFORMS conventional chemotherapy drugs in treating all forms of cancer

(Natural News) The golden hue of turmeric is unforgettable; for thousands of years, the spice has been used in both the kitchen and the medicine cabinet. But until recently, turmeric hasn’t been given its due. While the mainstream media and puppets of conventional medicine decry virtually any and all forms of natural medicine, the benefits of turmeric can be ignored no longer. The root’s cancer-fighting capacity is particularly astonishing. A plant that cures cancer may sound outlandish to Big Pharma devotees, but skeptics have turned into believers after witnessing the plant’s miraculous power with their own eyes.

There are multiple accounts of terminal cancer, undeterred by Big Pharma’s strongest cocktails, that has been cured with nothing more than a turmeric supplement — and there’s a growing body of scientific evidence to support the stories of turmeric’s cancer-fighting power.

Turmeric beats cancer where chemo fails

Earlier this year, Daily Mail revealed that a 67-year-old woman named Dieneke Ferguson had cured her terminal blood cancer with nothing but a turmeric supplement. Ferguson had all but given up after years of battling her stage-3 multiple myeloma with conventional treatments like chemotherapy. After three grueling rounds of chemo and four stem cell implants failed her, Ferguson turned to a more natural approach.

With just eight grams of curcumin (a compound in turmeric) a day, the pensioner was finally able to fight back. Ferguson completely eliminated the fatal cancer from her body, and is now in good health. Ferguson says that she will continue to take her curcumin supplement, saying that she is happy, healthy and is enjoying her “high quality of life.”

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As Mike Adams, founder of Natural News and creator of REAL.video, contends:

“[I]f she had been on chemotherapy, radiation therapy or other conventional cancer “treatments,” her quality of life would have been miserable. She’s been experiencing intense pain, hair less, muscle loss, chronic fatigue, “chemo brain” and all the other side effects of toxic chemotherapy. Instead, she’s enjoying a high-quality life, free from pain, inflammation and cancer. And she did it using nothing more than a simple root spice that you can buy in almost any grocery store.”

Ferguson’s recovery with curcumin is so miraculous that even the mainstream medical community has been forced to admit there is no other explanation for her sudden improvement: It was the curcumin. Doctors even published a study in the British Medical Journal to document her outstanding recovery, armed with nothing but a turmeric supplement.

Speaking to Daily Mail, Ferguson stated, “I hope my story will lead to more people finding out about the amazing health benefits of curcumin.”

The science on curcumin

There is no shortage of anecdotal evidence to support turmeric’s anti-cancer activity; many others have shared success stories similar to Ferguson’s. But the body of scientific evidence is growing even stronger. Dozens of studies have indicated a number of ways in which turmeric can be effective at fighting off multiple types of cancer.

As Natural Health 365 reports:

In a 2015 study published in Cancer Letters, curcumin was tested in conjunction with the chemotherapy drugs 5-fluoroucil and oxaliplatin against colorectal cancer. Adding curcumin to the regimen improved the efficacy of the drugs – the curcumin inhibited cancer cell growth and even increased apoptosis, or cancer cell suicide.

More, the researchers noted that curcumin seemed to decrease the toxicity of chemotherapy by reducing side effects and preventing damage to healthy cells.

Multiple studies have shown that turmeric is effective against several types of cancer, thanks to its ability to ward off tumor-forming activity at a cellular level. Scientists say the pathways in which turmeric targets cancer could prove especially useful in hard-to-treat cancers like triple negative breast cancer and multiple myeloma — the cancer Ferguson cured with nothing but turmeric, by the way.

Learn more about turmeric and other natural cancer cures at Cancer.news.

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