What is Adafenoxate? – Experimental Nootropic for Anti-anxiety – Plus How to reduce anxiety instantly without drugs

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Adafenoxate is a compound related to centrophenoxine, that has been found to act as a anti-anxiety nootropic in studies on rats. It is still an experimental drug, so this article is for research only. I will provide information for natural ant-anxiety alternatives below.

In a study on the nootropic Adafenoxate, when used with other nootropics meclofenoxate,
citicholine, aniracetam and standard ginseng extract, rats learning and memory were improved after 7-10 days.The effects were more pronounced with older rats.

In another study on rats tested for memory loss, Adafenoxate, along with meclofenoxate, piracetam and citicholine prevented amnesia partially or completely. http://www.ijpp.com/IJPP%20archives/1994_38_4/241-251.pdf

In another study on nootropics Adafenoxate along with meclofenoxate,
citicholine, aniracetam ginseng extract where applied for five days and showed significant anti-anxiety effect. Adafenoxate also helped the rats recover from fear responses through its anti-anxiety effects.

There is an all natural anti-anxiety nootropic called Neural Balance which contains Passion Flower, known for its anti-anxiety properties. Check it out here https://www.momentum98naturalhealthstore.com/products/neural-balance?rfsn=359380.e2302

Here is a technique for reducing anxiety and stress instantly using controlled breathing.

The mind and body are like a 2 way street. When the body is relaxed the mind becomes relaxed and vice-versa. When you are felling stress or anxiety, your breathing becomes fast and shallow. When you are relaxed, your breathing is slow and rhythmic. You can take advantage of the mind-body connection to stop anxiety instantly using a simple breathing technique.

Use your fingers to count to 5 as you breathe in through your nose. Then reverse and close your fingers into your palm as you breathe in for a count of 5. Repeat this and you will notice that it is impossible to feel stress while having slow, rhythmic breathing. You can use the relaxing music in the following video to listen to as you practice the technique now.


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