Witness the stunning stupidity of liberal college students who can’t explain why Trump shouldn’t win the Nobel Peace Prize

Witness the stunning stupidity of liberal college students who can’t explain why Trump shouldn’t win the Nobel Peace Prize
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Image: Witness the stunning stupidity of liberal college students who can’t explain why Trump shouldn’t win the Nobel Peace Prize

(Natural News) The truth has been revealed: Young leftists hate Donald Trump, love Barack Obama, and have absolutely no idea why.

Recently, Campus Reform asked students at UC Santa Cruz a series of questions regarding the Nobel Peace Prize and who was worthy of winning the award. Not surprisingly, most of the students argued that President Trump does not deserve the award and that his predecessor, Barack Obama, did. But there’s a catch – even though these millennials were quick to give their opinions, they demonstrated that they have absolutely no idea why they believe what they believe.

Campus Reform’s Digital Media Director Cabot Phillips started off with a very simple question: “Some of Trump’s supporters have said that President Obama won the Nobel Prize in 2009, and they think President Trump has done more, and so he deserves the award for the global peace that’s been brought about as a result of the seeming end of the conflict [in the Korean Peninsula]. Do you think there’s any validity to that claim?”

“Hell no, that’s a joke,” one of the students answered. Another said, “I think that’s crap.” A third student, who was obviously taken off guard by the question, hilariously argued that President Trump didn’t deserve the Nobel Peace Prize because, “I don’t know, it’s just too good of a prize.”

Things really started to become humorous after Cabot asked the students whether or not they believed that Barack Obama deserved the Nobel Peace Prize. They all said yes, but couldn’t seem to explain why.

“I mean, I’m forgetting what exactly the political events were at the time. I was in high school back then and so… but yeah,” one of the UC Santa Cruz students said. “Was it for his education, his push on education, or was it for the Obamacare?” another asked.

This video from Campus Reform demonstrates that while millennials may be very opinionated when it comes to the world of politics, they don’t have many facts or substance to back those opinions up. They know that they like Barack Obama, but they don’t know why they like Barack Obama. They know that they hate Donald Trump, but they don’t know why they hate Donald Trump. Obviously, this is a very real problem that needs to be addressed. We are not raising a generation of free, independent thinkers; we are raising a generation of brainwashed leftists. (Related: This U.S. university is now offering anti-Trump resistance training to students.)

They’ve been led there

Perhaps part of the reason for this is because, according to a study published by Econ Journal Watch back in 2016, liberal professors outnumber conservative professors by a ratio of 12 to 1. If these professors were truly remaining unbiased in the classroom and teaching students an accurate account of American history and modern-day politics, this really wouldn’t be much of a problem. But as we have seen time and time again, many of these left-wing professors use their positions not to educate students, but to indoctrinate them with anti-conservative, anti-Trump propaganda. (Related: Many of America’s universities are social justice indoctrination centers that put academics last.)

Just last month, several prominent conservative media outlets reported on a new history textbook called, “By the People,” which among other things implies that the only reason Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election was because of the widespread racism that supposedly exists among his supporters. As a result of propaganda like this, students walk away thinking that President Trump is a racist, and therefore don’t like him – the only problem is that they don’t have any facts to back up their viewpoint.

This is exactly why students in the video put out by Campus Reform were unable to say why President Obama deserved the Nobel Peace Prize but Donald Trump doesn’t – they have been indoctrinated, not educated.

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