166: Understanding Autoimmunity and the Mind/Body Connection With Body Belief Author Aimee Raupp

166: Understanding Autoimmunity and the Mind/Body Connection With Body Belief Author Aimee Raupp
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Understanding Autoimmunity and the Mind/Body Connection with Body Belief Author Aimee Raupp

Today’s episode will be very helpful for anyone with autoimmune disease (or any chronic health problem). Aimee Raupp is an expert in women’s health and she takes an important and unusual approach: focusing on the mind/body connection first and foremost.

Her approach offers hope to those who have tried all the dietary, lifestyle, and supplemental options but still don’t feel their best. She makes a compelling case for why how we feel and think has such a dramatic health impact, and what to do about it.

Body Belief: How the Mind Drastically Impacts the Body

Aimee is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist and she holds a Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine. Her holistic background helped her realize that many things modern medicine labels as “incurable” can be reversed, but it takes a more in-depth approach than just medicine or even just diet.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • the root causes of autoimmunity
  • what’s causing the autoimmune epidemic
  • why the mind-body connection is so important to healing, but why it is often discounted
  • the beliefs that we have to let go of/detox from
  • what the most common health-thwarting beliefs are and how to start transforming thoughts
  • Aimee’s favorite “renewed beliefs” that help radically shift health
  • why it isn’t just possible, but doable, to feel better that we currently do
  • how to start a habit of health-promoting thoughts

Resources We Mention

Other Topics We Mention & Related Episodes

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