5 Natural Supplements You Should Be Using to Increase Your Efficiency

5 Natural Supplements You Should Be Using to Increase Your Efficiency
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5 Natural Supplements You Should Be Using to Increase Your Efficiency

We all strive to be as efficient as possible when we are going through our daily lives. After all, if you aren’t on top of your game, you will find it difficult to impress your boss or finish that important paper that’s due soon. However, sometimes the odds are against us.

We get tired, we can’t focus, or we simply just need a little boost.

A cup of coffee and some hope isn’t the only tool that you have on your side to power through, though. In fact, you can employ the use of a variety of supplements to help you make yourself more attentive and more efficient when you work. However, you should beware of some supplements that are a possible scam. So, in this article, we are going to take a look at 5 supplements that you can actually trust.

Ginkgo Biloba

The first supplement that we have on our list is Ginkgo Biloba. This is actually one of the top-selling herbal medicines and can be purchased in the form of liquid extracts, capsules, and tablets.

The supplement that we use comes from the extract that is extracted from the dried green ginkgo biloba leaves. These leaves come from a tree more commonly known as the maidenhair tree. This is interesting because these trees are one of oldest species in the world with some trees reaching 130 feet high and an age of 2,500 years old!

These supplements boast a lot of benefits from the potential to help with anxiety to helping Raynaud’s syndrome. However, we are concerned with the cognitive effects of ginkgo biloba, and there are plenty to go around.

Ginkgo biloba supplements have shown to improve concentration and attention span, for example, especially in older adults. This is because it helps with many age-related cognitive problems such as memory loss and thinking. It has even shown promise in treating Alzheimer’s disease and similar conditions.

This supplement isn’t just for the older population, though. It can also be used in regular, small doses by the younger and middle-aged population to improve not only memory but the speed of mental processing.

Rhodiola Rosea

Next up we have an adaptogenic herb known as Rhodiola Rosea, nicknamed the “golden root.” You might also hear of it by the name of arctic root, roseroot, or king’s crown.

When it is broken down, Rhodiola Rosea if found to have more than 40 kinds of chemical compounds. However, it is the compounds rosavin and salidroside that produce most of the medicinal effects. The presence of rosavin especially, which outnumbers the presence of salidrosides at a ratio of 3:1, gives Rhodiola Rosea many of its positive effects.

If you want to burn fat or help to fight depression, Rhodiola Rosea can be a valuable tool in helping with that. However, it can also help you at work and school.

The main effect that most people associate with Rhodiola Rosea is that it helps to keep you awake and that’s true; this supplement will make you feel more energized. Generally, Rhodiola Rosea does help lift not only the physical fatigue you feel throughout your work day, but it can help reduce the mental fog that you feel as you get tired as well.


DHA stands for docosahexaenoic acid which is an omega-3 fatty acid. It is found naturally throughout the body, and it is actually a main structure in the human brain. In fact, by dry weight, the human brain is made up of 60% fat – most of which can be contributed to DHA other omega-3 fatty acids.

These essential fatty acids are necessary to your health but, unfortunately, your body doesn’t make enough of these on their own. Instead, we mostly get them from food like fatty fish (anchovies, salmon, herring, mackerel, tuna, and halibut, eggs, and other DHA-rich foods. However, sometimes these foods aren’t enough, and we have to use supplements such as fish oil as well.

These supplements can help to improve focus and concentration and even help with diseases like Alzheimer’s.


Another supplement that you should consider is calcium. Most of us think of calcium, and the idea of milk and strong bones comes to mind. However, calcium has also been shown to help with focus – especially in relation to ADHD.


Iron is another supplement that is closely associated with aiding children and adults with ADHD. However, that isn’t the only thing that it offers. In fact, iron has also been shown to regulate the activity of dopamine, which helps to control behavior as well as concentration.

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