5 Reasons Why Gamers Should Use This Ancient Herb

5 Reasons Why Gamers Should Use This Ancient Herb

1. It Improves Cognitive Function
Being a potent herb, Ashwagandha elevates all aspects of cognitive function. This means , memory , focus , reaction speed and many other factors are improved. Gamers need to be able to maintain a fluid focus in order to jump from one duty to another and having a clear, receptive mind makes this possible. By regulating cortisol, a hormone released during times of physical, emotional and environmental stress, this herb is able to reduce the negative effects caused by that stress. Our cognitive function is enhanced when there is nothing holding it back.

2. It Improves Improves Sleep
Gamers spend long hours focusing on their screens which creates excess stimulation in the brain. This tricks the brain into thinking it should be awake in the later hours rather than getting the rest it needs. Without being able to properly recharge, our mental and physical functionality during the day suffers. Lack of sleep causes fatigue, an increase in errors, irritability and in many cases depression. This coupled with the repetitive nature of practice leads gamers to severe burnout. Ashwagandha is known to help with insomnia and promote a good night’s sleep.The “somnifera” in withania somnifera means “sleep inducing” in latin. By regulating the endocrine system and balancing the body, ashwagandha is able to help normalize sleeping patterns and give the brain the charge it needs to flourish.

3. Staying Sharp
Ashwagandha protects against all types of neurodegenerative diseases by reducing and reversing neuritic atrophy. Over time, through long gaming sessions, the synapses, which are the connection points between brain cells become overexerted. This coupled with stress leads to a reduction in reaction time and eventually overall decrease in cognitive function. This is dangerous to young players who are just starting out in their esports careers. Ashwagandha restores stressed synapses, allowing communication between nerve cells to stay as sharp as ever. By keeping the synapses healthy, we are able to learn more quickly and retain that information which will later be put to good use.

4. Reduces Pain and Inflammation
Gamers develop many physical ailments from staying in position for a prolonged period of time. Neck, wrist, elbow and back injuries are some of the most common issues gamers are facing. Some gamers develop a strain on their tendons from repeated use as well. These injuries leads to inflammation and chronic pain which could very well hamper or end an esports career if not treated. Some popular athletes have already had to sit out of tournaments due to these conditions. Ashwagandha is known to reduce inflammation throughout the body and allow for healing. Additionally, the roots have been used as a pain reliever in some applications blocking pain receptors from sending signals to the brain.

5. All Natural
Unlike many energy supplements that gamers use, ashwagandha is 100% natural and beneficial for our health. The boost that ashwagandha provides is one that we produce naturally from inside. This means it lacks the crash and negative side effects caused by sugary or caffeine filled products. We perform at our peak when our body is in balance and we do not have to deal with the negative effects of stress. Instead of fighting off those effects, we are able to use our energy to grow and improve ourselves.

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