6 steps to lasting energy for your mind and body

6 steps to lasting energy for your mind and body
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When I was younger, I remember thinking of summer as a time of total relaxation. After all, I was out of school and had nothing else to do but sleep late and laze away the days.

Oh how things have changed…

Summer is a completely different animal in adulthood.

Not only do I have all of my regular work to do, but with the kids home from school, it feels like my workload is at least doubled… And that doesn’t even count planning vacations or the inevitable rush of getting them ready for school to start back up at summer’s end.

In short, summers tend to exhaust me. But in all honesty, there was a time that, no matter what time of year it was, I felt so drained I couldn’t even think straight.

That set me on a mission to discover how I could boost my energy, beat the fatigue and finally feel normal again — without relying on coffee to get through the day. Even though coffee’s health benefits are growing daily, more than two or three cups and I’ve got the jitters.

So, if you’re feeling run down and drug out, I’ve got 6 super easy steps that can help you find lasting energy for your mind and body — and #6 is the easiest of them all…

Step #1 – Hydrate

When you’re constantly running around putting out fires, you can feel like there’s simply no time to take care of yourself… And, that includes making sure you drink enough water each day.

But, the truth is that dehydration could be one of the biggest reasons behind your exhaustion.

In order to supercharge you energy levels, be sure to drink at least nine (eight ounce) cups of water a day if you’re a woman. For men, the magic number is 13.

Step #2 – Don’t forget the B vitamins

Vitamin B12 is also known as the “energy vitamin” and for good reason. This vitamin powerhouse actually supports energy production in your body and if you’re not getting enough, your exhaustion level can go up FAST!

To boost your B12 levels, take a high-quality supplement and include B12 rich foods in your diet, such as:

  • Beef liver
  • Fish (including sardines, mackerel and salmon)
  • Grass-fed beef
  • Cottage cheese
  • Eggs

Step #3 – Stay active

Although the last thing you may want to do when you’re worn out is to exercise, getting out there and staying active can actually boost your energy levels.

Shoot for a moderate level of physical activity every day, like walking, biking or hitting the pool for a swim. Just be careful not to get overheated.

Step #4 – Go low carb

Eating carbohydrates can give you a temporary energy boost… But, it’s inevitably followed by a crash, leaving you even more exhausted.

Reduce the amount of carbs in your diet and focus on high protein options instead to enhance your energy levels.

Step #5 – Get more sleep

One of the biggest culprits responsible for your fatigue is probably lack of enough high quality sleep.

You should shoot for at least eight to nine hours of sleep per night and improve your sleep quality by sticking to a regular sleep schedule and eliminating all sources of light in your room that can keep you from falling and staying asleep.

Step #6 – Stack your ‘nootropics’

Nootropics may be a relatively new term, but the herbs, vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients that fall into this category have been around for a long time.

What’s coming to light in recent research is that nootropics are special supplements that can have a specific impact on your body and mind, most often improving cognition, concentration, energy and stress levels. And the really cool thing is you can “stack” them (use them together) for optimal benefits!

Most adaptogenic herbs (ones that regulate your body’s adrenal system) are nootropics that can help boost flagging energy levels, fight fatigue, improve mood and help you feel sharper all around.

Ones that work especially well include…

Ashwagandha Root – This ancient Ayurvedic herb has been shown to help with stress management, healthy cortisol production, energy levels, hormone production and strengthening the adrenals.

Rhodiola Rosea Extract – Contains an active compound called Rosavin that’s been shown to help burn belly fat and manage food cravings as well as increase energy and lower cortisol.

Boswella Serrata Extract – This African herb is a natural anti-inflammatory that can help support joint comfort and reduce muscle soreness.

Holy Basil Powder – Helps support healthy cortisol levels, reduce anxiety, boost your mood and brain health.

L-Theanine – A compound found in tea, L-Theanine is an amino acid prized for its ability to support healthy sleep, relaxation and a calm mind.

I get all of mine stacked for me in Peak Ultimate VitalityTM.

Fatigue and exhaustion eventually hits everyone. But, you don’t have to be stuck with it. Use the six steps above to beat exhaustion and put your energy levels back on hyperdrive in a safe and healthy, natural way.


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