7 Coconut Oil Benefits: Liver Protection, Cancer Prevention And More

7 Coconut Oil Benefits: Liver Protection, Cancer Prevention And More
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A number of studies have been conducted to explore the health benefits of coconut oil.

There are various scientific reasons to call coconut tree as the “tree of life.” Over the past years, more than 1,500 studies have been conducted to provide evidence that it could promote a healthy life.

Part of the scientific community focused on the benefits of coconut oil. Made from copra or fresh coconut flesh, it is considered as one of the healthiest food in the world or even a superfood.

Coconut oil contains healthy fats, such as caprylic acid, lauric acid and capric acid. Currently, there are a few types of coconut oil available in the market, such as the most beneficial virgin coconut oil and the refined coconut oil, which is not recommended due to the presence of potentially harmful chemicals.

Coconut Oil Health Benefits

1. Protects kidney and liver

Coconut oil provides a natural antibiotic that could fight UTI symptoms and kidney infections. It also directly protects the liver from damage, according to Dr. Axe.

Aside from the oil extract, coconut water also helps eliminate kidney stones and facilitate the healing process.

2. Prevents cardiovascular problems

Coconut oil contains high amounts of natural saturated fats, which help convert bad cholesterol into good cholesterol. That effects occurs with daily consumption of 2 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil, according to one study.

Having levels of good cholesterols in the body leads to good heart health and lowers the risk of heart disease.

3. Fights cancer

The people fighting cancer can add coconut oil to their diet since it can offer ketones and lauric acid — both are known for their anticancer effects.

4. Promotes better memory

A study in 2004 showed that coconut oil could reduce memory problems and improve a person’s recall ability. The oil can fuel brain cells more efficiently as its fatty acids can be absorbed easily in the body and can be accessed in the brain without the use of insulin.

5. Helps improve digestion

Coconut helps the body absorb fat-soluble vitamins, calcium and magnesium that improve digestion. Coconut oil promotes better bacteria and gut health and destroys bad bacteria and candida.

6. Prevents osteoporosis

The high levels of antioxidants in coconut oil can fight free radicals that contribute to development of osteoporosis. Another coconut oil health benefit is increased calcium absorption in the gut, which helps boost bone volume and structure and lowers the risk of bone loss.

7. Helps cut extra weight

Another surprising part of the list of coconut oil health benefits is weight loss. It actually helps burn fat and calories, improves appetite and cuts belly fat.

Previous research showed that a single injection of the capric acid found in coconut oil could lead to “initially rapid, then gradual decrease in food consumption and a parallel loss of body weight.”

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