7 Ways Sex Makes You Smarter

7 Ways Sex Makes You Smarter

You’re probably wondering why this is even a thing: Can sex really improve brain function? Turns out, it can. One possible clue is why a mindblowing session feels like exactly that.

Sex, like any other physical activity , triggers different parts of the brain and the brain, in turn, sends signals to the body telling it whether to slow down or not. More importantly, studies in the past decades on both humans and animals point to an increasing number of ways in which sex benefits the brain.

Read on to understand how: 1. Dopamine, the ‘feel-good’ hormone.

Medical News Today Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, a ‘messenger’ that the brain uses to control the body’s movements and its emotional responses. Dopamine has been often termed the ‘feel-good’ hormone. And, rightly so, because of the role it plays in pleasure. According to Enzolifesciences.com, ‘ Dopaminergic signaling is associated with reward-motivated behaviour.’ This explains why we feel so good when we do things we like, and that includes sex. 2. Oxytocin, the ‘love hormone’ gives your post-sack session a little extra.

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Childbirth, breastfeeding and sex are three activities that trigger the production of oxytocin (also called the ‘cuddle hormone’) in the hypothalamus. It helps with social bonding and adds a little extra to your post-sack session. According to one study, as read on livescience.com, an increase in the dosage of oxytocin could mean more intense orgasms. 3. It is literally good for the brain.

ncbi.nlm.nih.gov A study by researchers at Rutgers University Newark that was published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found ‘heightened’ activity in different parts of the female brain during an orgasm. The fMRIs (functional magnetic resonance imaging) that were studied, clearly established that the brain too, in fact, ‘enjoyed’ sex.

Another study published www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov , shows different parts of the brain lighting up when a particular organ receives stimulation (photo above). 4. It helps you calm down.

Unsplash Sex may be the last thing on your mind any time you’re stressed or anxious but it’s just the remedy that your body needs. And given our hectic lifestyles, it’s easy to feel stressed out more and more often. Sex, incidentally, is a natural stress reliever. According to a study published on sciencedirect.com, having intercourse automatically lowered blood pressure thereby making you feel more relaxed. 5. Sex enhances your memory.

Unsplash A study titled ‘Sexual Activity and Cognitive Decline in Older Adults’ studied 6016 adults over the age of 50 in order to arrive at the conclusion that frequent sexual activity and emotional intimacy enhanced memory performance. This was more apparent in older subjects. 6. Cognitive function improves too.

Unsplash Cognitive function or mental processes like decision-making, thinking, processing and storing information also get a boost from sexual intercourse. Reportedly, in some studies, subjects were able to recall things better. Researchers at McGill University in Canada who studied this noticed a spike nervous tissue growth in the brain. 7. But then there’s postcoital dysphoria…

Unsplash Some people love the post-coital sesh and the euphoria that comes with it. But there are those who feel the exact opposite and there’s a term for it: Postcoital dysphoria. This is when a person feels sad, even slightly on edge despite having had a good time. While there’s no one pill for this, it’s recommended that you speak to an expert in case you’ve been diagnosed with PCD.

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