ALARMING: 35% of us now suffer from hyperelectrosensitivity – a debilitating syndrome caused by wireless technology

ALARMING: 35% of us now suffer from hyperelectrosensitivity – a debilitating syndrome caused by wireless technology
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Image: ALARMING: 35% of us now suffer from hyperelectrosensitivity – a debilitating syndrome caused by wireless technology

(Natural News) It seem as though practically everything on the consumer market these days has some kind of wireless component built into it. This means that almost everything we use on a daily basis – from our cell phones, to our computers, to our cars, and even our home appliances – is constantly emitting electromagnetic frequencies, or EMFs, that are harming our bodies and causing what’s known as hyperelectrosensitivity.

As much as 35 percent of the general population, according to one report, now suffers from hyperelectrosensitivity, or “radio wave sickness,” which can manifest with symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, and nausea. In more extreme causes, hyperelectrosensitivity sufferers can experience immune system decline and heart palpitations, resulting from perpetual exposure to ultra-high frequencies that our bodies simply cannot tolerate.

Though the wireless industry denies that ultra-high frequency “dirty” electricity in any way harms humans, the proof is in the precipitous downfall of human health. According to health experts, EMF pollution is directly responsible for causing a variety of chronic health issues, including multiple sclerosis (MS), attention deficit disorder (ADD), migraines, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, and even cancer.

High frequency voltage transients (HFVTs) are particularly harmful to human health

Naturopath David Getoff warns that so-called high frequency voltage transients, or HFVTs, are especially harmful to humans due to how they impact the body. As it turns out, HFVTs can be just as damaging to humans as microwave radiation – and modern humans are literally surrounded by HFVTs everywhere they go.

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“In the presence of HFVTs, the normal sine wave of electrical power is broken into fragments – as occurs with compact fluorescent light bulbs, which are the most common offenders when it comes to creating HFVTs,” writes Jonathan Landsman for about how they work and where they come from.

“AC/DC power mode converters, the rectangular black boxes on power cords, are also a major cause of HFVTs,” he adds, noting that HFVTs can cause serious neurological damage in humans, which is especially concerning as it pertains to young children who are still developing mentally.

HFVT filters can help reduce transient EMF emissions by up to 90 percent

Keep in mind that HFVTs are emitted from televisions, computers, digital “smart” meters, so-called “energy efficient” appliances, light switch dimmers, microwaves, printers, copiers, and other electronic devices, as well as mobile phones and their signal towers – so pretty much everything people use every single day.

The good news is that HFVTs can be blocked using special filters, which Getoff says were shown in at least one study to reduce HFVT emissions by up to 90 percent. The use of such filters led to noticeable health improvements in both students and teachers at a school where they were otherwise suffering symptoms from unimpeded exposure to this radiation.

“Remember, radiation from cell phones and other microwave devices has been declared a possible human carcinogen,” Landsman adds. “Unborn babies are particularly susceptible to health damage from radiation, which damages the protective myelin sheath that surrounds brain neurons. It is also important to protect children, who are more vulnerable than adults due to their more absorbent brain tissues, thinner skulls and smaller size.”

As we previously reported, some of the worst spots for EMF pollution in an average home are those located in close proximity to wireless routers, as well as walls abutting smart meters.

If you’re unsure where the worst EMF “hot spots” are in your home, you might want to invest in a Gauss meter, which you can use to measure EMFs simply by holding the meter in the spots where you spend your time, and looking at the radiation measures that it outputs.

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