Nootropics – The New-Age Smart Drugs that keeps anxiety and stress at bay!

Nootropics – The New-Age Smart Drugs that keeps anxiety and stress at bay!
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Life can be mean at times. Pressure and schedules drain you out. No matter how hard you try, you just cannot beat the stress. You suffer from low moods and fatigue. This mental drainage extends to your personal relationships. Tensions arise. Misunderstandings take place. Nothing seems to work for you. The result is anxiety and stress. They take over your life. However, thanks to the advent of nootropics, you no longer have anxious or stressed. These smart drugs help you keep anxiety and stress at bay. They are natural and safe. Before moving onto how they can help you keep stress and anxiety at bay, read on to understand what they are-

Nootropics- what are these smart drugs?

Nootropics enhance cognitive functions in humans. They boost memory and help improve concentration. Memory declines after you reach your late teens. Other contributing factors that lead to memory decline include sleep deprivation, alcohol and stress to name a few.

When you learn anything new, two skills are needed- concentration and memory. Memory helps you to remember. Concentration helps you to hold attention. Lack of memory and concentration creates several problems in life. You cannot perform up to expectations. You lack joy in the things you do. The result is stress and anxiety. This is where nootropics can help you improve quality of life. They are available in the form of functional food, supplements and medications.

How do nootropics work?

Nootropics act as vasodilators. They are medicines that open blood vessels in the body. This improves the oxygen flow to the brain. If oxygen flow is disrupted to the brain, lapses in memory and concentration begin. If not checked, mental health issues arise. Anxiety and stress start building up. Both personal and professional life suffers.

Drugs that improve the overall health of body and mind fall under nootropics. However, there are other similar drugs called amphetamines. However, they have short-term effects and cannot be classified as nootropics.

There are several different kinds of nootropics. They work in different ways. People who take nootropics observe improvements in mood, concentration levels and memory. They are motivated to perform. Though the progress is subtle and slow, many people do benefit. There are no side effects as consumption of nootropics are safe.

Remember, when you start to take nootropics, you will never experience the overnight result. You need to take these medicines or supplements at regular intervals. After a period, you will observe improvements. The levels of anxiety and stress will reduce. You have better control over your life and actions.

Understanding the technical aspects of nootropics

Many people are keen to know what happens when they start taking nootropics. In simple terms, they influence the neurotransmitters in the brain. These neurotransmitters are your brain’s way of interacting with your body. Since this communication improves when you start taking nootropics, you begin to witness an overall improvement in the quality of life.

The effects of nootropics do sound good however this does not mean that you take too much. This will create adverse effects. Again, if you consume too little, there is no effect at all. Therefore, start with just one type first. If you start with more than one type and experience great results, you will not know which type is performing better than the other. You might have side effects. You will not know which pill is causing them. Health experts suggest starting with low dosage. With time work your way to a higher dose. You gradually will notice change. Request family and your friends to observe these changes. This will help you analyze whether the drug is working or not. Before taking the drug, it is prudent to conduct research. Click here for more on nootropics.

How can nootropics help you combat stress and anxiety?

From the above, it is evident, nootropics helps you with mood enhancement. It improves focus and attention. These smart drugs also repair damage in the human body. You no longer require alcohol and cigarettes to feel good. Nootropics are safe. They are natural medicines to make you feel better. With age you will find the human body decays. People succumb to Alzheimer’s Disease and other neurological disorders. Nootropics can help such people too. The only side effect of nootropics is that they have a positive effect on your mood. In the past, people suffering from anxiety issues used anxiolytic supplements to feel better. These supplements helped people to relax. It improved their social skills and eliminated social anxiety. Today, nootropics has entered the market. Besides, enhancing memory and concentration, it also improves stress and anxiety.

Nootropics and anxiety

The brain has several neurotransmitters that transmit signals from one part to another. GABA is the name of one of these neurotransmitters. Its full form is Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid. When the brain lacks GABA, anxiety strikes the person. GABA is produced in the brain by a chemical called glutamate. This is an anxiolytic neurotransmitter in your brain that blocks the positive effects of the central nervous system. When the levels of GABA in the brain fall, the brain triggers off signals faster than they should. If the case is not too serious, you will feel low however in the cases where the deficiency is severe; you will experience panic attacks. In extreme cases, the person might experience seizures.

The deficiency of GABA is linked to anxiety. When they are higher over the normal levels, you generally feel at ease. This makes you relaxed. This is the main reason why many sedatives have the motive of stimulating the increase of GABA in the brain. They make you feel more relaxed. Nootropics also have the same effect. They increase the levels of GABA in the brain so that you control the feeling of anxiety. Stress in the body reduces to a large extent. When you can combat worrying, you effectively can control your actions better. You start feeling good. This does go a very long way in enhancing the quality of life.

There are supplements for GABA available in the market. However, they fail to deliver blood to the brain barriers. It is here that nootropics help. They can transmit blood to the barriers of the brain. This stimulates better mood. The type of nootropics required for the person depends upon the nature and severity of the case. There are nootropics available over the counter. Some need a prescription. This is why consulting a qualified and experienced health practitioner to guide you.

Some popular types of nootropics available in the market

Some of the popular supplements to control anxiety is Phenibut. However, health experts say it should not be taken daily. It can cross brain barriers and supply blood. It creates a sedative effect as it activates GABA-b receptors successfully. This promotes relaxation in the person. However, research points out this supplement is similar to drinking little shots of alcohol. It is good as an anxiolytic nootropic however if continued for a long time, can have adverse effects on the human body. In some nations of the world, it is a prescription nootropic. However, in the USA, it can be purchased over the counter.

Racetam nootropics is another popular type of nootropics for anxiety. It helps to activate the receptors that manage glutamate in your brain. Glutamate helps in stimulating GABA, as mentioned earlier in this post. It helps you to reduce social anxiety to improve concentration and focus.

Noopept is like racetam nootropics. However, there are mixed reactions in the market concerning its effectiveness. Some people say it has excellent effects. Others state the effects have not been excellent. Like the others mentioned above, it stimulates brain receptors leading to the production of glutamate. It also leads to more levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain. Some claim it is much stronger over aniracetam. Its effects last for a more extended period. This means take it once and enjoy effects for the entire day.

Though there are many types of nootropics available in the market, it is prudent to conduct research. Not all of them have the same results. They reduce anxiety as per the nature of the case. All of them are not treated equally. Medical intervention is crucial before consumption. Nootropics are available in local and online stores. However, conduct your research. Take guidance from qualified health professionals. It is vital for you to know what works for you. Find out any potential side effects.

Nootropics are here to stay. They have been researched since the 1960’s. They have proved to improve mood, reduce anxiety and promote a sense of well-being. Combat anxiety and stress with them. They are natural and have no side effects. However, know what you need. Take time to research and do ask your medical practitioner the right questions. Know the dosage. As mentioned earlier, do not take too much or too little. Take the right amounts as prescribed. This will help you alleviate worries and say goodbye to stress today and forever!

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