“Bad” Habits That Actually Improve Your Health

“Bad” Habits That Actually Improve Your Health
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“Bad” Habits That Actually Improve Your Health

No matter where the advice comes from, someone always seems to be preaching on what habits are good for you, and which ones have negative effects. Apparently, a lot of these so-called tips are just old wives’ tales with no merit. Here are some “bad” habits that actually have tons of healthy benefits.

A cold shower! Athletes already know the health benefits of this experience, while others mostly think it will make you sick. Cold water showers actually boost circulation and antioxidant levels, as well as improving our immune systems and facilitating weight loss!

Another shower habit people think is bad for you is not showering every day. Now, if you suffer from serious B.O maybe don’t take this tip too far, but skipping a shower lets your body hold onto its good bacteria while keeping skin soft. Say goodbye to wrinkles and hello to glow thanks to natural oil restoration.

Social media usage. While being glued to your phone isn’t necessarily a positive, social media does have powers of connecting and friendships. Maybe you like a lot of alone time and want to feel connected to society. Maybe you just need emotional support from friends you don’t know up close and personal. If it discourages isolation and depression, we’re in!

Gossiping with friends. While we don’t suggest bullying anyone or acting like a mean girl, a normal dose of gossip is actually healthy for friendships, improving them by creating a sense of bonding over common ground. It also naturally lowers anxiety and stress.

Being messy. The organization lovers reading this list might want to pull out their hair at this news, but instead of being a sign of bad manners and procrastination, messiness may actually be a way of showing creativity we have with, and encourage creativity in itself! Throw some sweaters around and see what happens…

Sleeping in late. The early bird does catch the worm, but what else? Sleeping in later doesn’t make you unmotivated, it actually lowers your ricks of high blood pressure and heart problems. Listen to your body and throw that annoying alarm clock out the window.

Chewing gum. Snapping gum loudly is frustrating no matter what, but the innocent act of chewing gum is actually good for you. Every teacher that made you spit it out is now putting their food in their mouth – gum chewers experience reduced stress and an improved short term and long term memory, as well as improved decision making and focus.

Playing video games is also seen as a sign of procrastination or immaturity. However, fast paced and action oriented games can help us convert sensory data into improved decision making and reactions. Video games, when utilizing strategy, help us learn and improves overall brain function, surprisingly enough.

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