Best Mattresses For Seniors

Best Mattresses For Seniors
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Senior Mattress

There have been many advances in the health care world which is why people, seniors in particular, are able to live longer, healthier lives. It’s one of our world’s greatest achievements. Not only are seniors able to live longer, but their quality of life has greatly improved, as well. This is important because seniors are often plagued with health issues, some are due to medication conditions while others are simply part of the natural aging process. Either way, seniors require much more assistance than the average person and some of their needs can be quite costly.

Everyone understands the importance of a good night’s sleep. We all need it, but for seniors it’s much more important and they often struggle the most due to things like chronic pain. Research shows that a deep, restorative sleep is how the body rejuvenates. It can help the brain fight against memory loss and dementia, help strengthen our immune system, and repair residual damage. In order to reap the benefits of sleep, we need a good mattress that is comfortable, but also provides adequate support. If you’re looking for the perfect mattress, try any of these 5 mattresses that are designed to help seniors, particularly those suffering from chronic pain in their back, neck, shoulders, or hips, sleep more soundly.

Senior Mattress


The Layla mattress is super unique as it’s the only mattress that is made out of copper-infused foam which will help relieve any unwanted pain and pressure on the body. You’ll get the most out of your money by going with Layla because you essentially get two mattresses for the price of one! Let’s be honest, there are two types of people in this world, those who sleep on a soft mattress and those who like a firm mattress. It all depends on your specific needs. The Layla mattress was specifically designed to meet the customers needs by providing both a soft and firm side. If you don’t like one side, flip it over and try the other. This is ideal for seniors who tend to prefer a firm mattress that will provide them some much needed support. Also, don’t worry about flipping the mattress. It’s made with lightweight memory foam which means it’s easy to flip, even for seniors. However, if you suffer from chronic back pain, you might want to enlist help just in case.

Not only that but the copper-infused foam mattress offers deep compression support which is ideal for people who sleep on their side and back. The copper element helps accelerate blood flow which is why this mattress is great for seniors who often struggle with poor circulation. Both sides include the copper-infused memory foam, so neither side is better than the other. Even on the softer side, this mattress was built with an extra layer of convoluted polyfoam to keep the body from sinking too far down into the mattress which is how it helps alleviate pressure points and improve spinal alignment.

The Layla mattress can be shipped for free anywhere in the United States and comes with a lifetime warranty. Buying a mattress is a major commitment which is why the Layla mattress also comes with a 120-day trial. Purchase this mattress now and you’ll get $100 off and a free pillow.

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