Best Mattresses of 2019

Best Mattresses of 2019
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Ready For a New Bed? These Mattresses Hold Up

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A great mattress can be the key to a good night’s sleep. And, a good night’s sleep impacts your overall health and wellness. “Sleep is critical to your body for recovering from your daily routine,” says Dr. Jennifer Dour, D.C., owner or clinic director of Garden State Spinal Care. “While you sleep, your brain is being flushed from toxins and your body is being repaired. So if you are not sleeping well, you are actually damaging your brain and body.”

Making the right mattress purchase is twofold: the investment is just that – mattresses are not cheap; and once you make a decision and bring a new mattress into your home, you’re likely stuck with said mattress for the foreseeable future. (Have you ever tried to return a mattress after use?!)

Don’t make your selection hastily. Consider all of the factors that make a mattress great … and ideal for you.

How to Pick the Right Mattress for You

Mattress Types: There are different types of mattresses available to you: innerspring, memory foam, specialty foam, hybrid, pillow top, gel, waterbed and air bed. The tried-and-true option is the innerspring, also known as the coil mattress, which uses metal springs for support and is ideal for all types of sleepers (back, side, and tummy). Memory foam mattresses are also quite popular because they conform to your body as you sleep and promise maximum comfort and support, while keeping your sleep partner undisturbed at night. You’ll find descriptions of different types of mattresses here.

Mattress Sizes: Depending on the bed frame or platform you buy, not to mention the size of the person who will be sleeping in the bed, you will need to get a mattress that accommodates your needs. You’ll find a breakdown of the different mattress sizes here, including: toddler/crib, twin, twin XL, full (also known as double), queen, king and California king.

Sleep Style and Needs: Regardless of your sleep style, you should opt for a bed that supports your body rather than one that feels soft. “When shopping for a mattress, I stress that people find a firm, supportive mattress,” says Dour. “The mattress should be firm with some type of pillow top for comfort and a little ‘give.’ This way, you will be comfortable no matter if you sleep on your back, side or stomach since most of us do not stay in one position throughout the night.”

If you suffer from sleep apnea or acid reflux, Dour says to invest in a bed that can elevate your head to reduce your symptoms throughout the night. If you have back problems or neck pain, Dour considers innerspring mattresses to be universally the best type of mattress. “The higher amount of coils, the more comfortable it will be since your weight will be evenly distributed, and you won't feel sore spots when you wake up in the morning,” she says.

Mattress Shopping Tips

Ready to dive in? Read these mattress shopping tips from the pros before you read about our top mattress picks below. Don’t forget to do your own research by reading reviews before you head to the store — whether an online mattress retailer or a brick-and-mortar location where mattresses are displayed.

Best Mattresses “In a Box”

The New Purple Mattress

The New Purple Mattress

What We Love About the New Purple Mattress: Its patented Smart Comfort Grid enables the top layer of the mattress to dynamically adapt to your body for personalized comfort, while keeping you cool. You can also customize; choose from: soft, medium or firm depending on your chosen level of comfort and support.

Who Will Like This Purple Mattress: People who complain about overheating while sleeping will like the New Purple Mattress’ breathable, temperature-neutral materials, which offers cooler sleep.

What People Are Saying About Purple: “After reading countless reviews and some research, I decided on the Purple 3 mattress. It is a little firmer than I was anticipating after watching all of the videos of the grid in action. However, the mattress allows for your hips and shoulders to sink into the mattress while providing support to the rest of your body so you don’t sink in too far. It’s a nice blend of firm and soft so it provides you the proper support so you do not wake up feeling achy or sore. I would highly recommend this mattress. Also I would highly recommend the purple sheets and mattress cover. The sheets are a bamboo blend so they are very soft and stretchy.” –Jonathan

$1169 to $3149 depending on mattress size, firmness and thickness at

Casper Wave

What We Love About the Casper Wave: Simply put, the Casper Wave is the brand’s most luxurious foam mattress. Featuring five layers of premium foam and an advanced ergonomic sleep system that promises to help align your spine and support your body, this mattress will relieve pressure while supporting your body with gel pods that conform to your shape. The Casper Wave is also equipped with ultra-breathable foams, high-airflow perforations and a humidity-fighting wool cover so you’ll keep cool during your rest.

Who Will Like This Casper Mattress: While all Casper mattresses are good for pretty much everyone, the Casper Wave is ideal for someone who struggles to sleep at night due to discomfort and overheating.

What People Are Saying About Casper: “I have chronic back problems and insomnia. I liked the idea of trying a bed for 100 nights before committing to it. I was skeptical as I don’t like memory foam and love to have a really soft bed. This has been one of the best purchases we have made. It’s not a bed that you sit on and think it’s soft but. I am so comfortable in it. I slew all night and no back pain in the morning. Only con is I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning!” –Mindy

$1295 to $3195 depending on mattress size and whether you choose “firmer” or “softer” versions at

Best Classic Mattress

Saatva Classic

What We Love About the Saatva Classic: Though the Saatva Classic is quite affordable, it’s made of high-quality, eco-friendly and certified sustainable materials. Most mattresses in the eco-friendly category are priced higher. In addition to its key features, Saatva mattresses are among the best reviewed online and the company also uses customer feedback to continue to improve their products.

Who Will Like This Saatva Mattress: The average sleeper who is also eco-conscious will find this mattress a joy to use.

What People Are Saying About Saatva: "We are on our fourth week with the new bed, and I can say without a doubt, this bed is fabulous. We are both sleeping soundly for the first time in over 10 years. Best investment we ever made." –Shelly

$599 to $1499 depending on mattress size and comfort level (choose from: luxury firm, plush soft and firm) at

Best Hybrid Mattresses

Casper Hybrid

What We Love About the Casper Hybrid: Combining Casper’s award-winning, premium foam with resilient springs, which packs a responsive, supportive and breathable sleep surface, the Casper Hybrid’s layers of ergonomic foam also works together with hundreds of individual, pocket-coil springs for smooth support and added lift. The Casper Hybrid is also known for its durability, edge support and breathable foam.

Who Will Like This Casper Mattress: While all Casper mattresses are good for pretty much everyone, the Casper Hybrid is ideal for the sleeper who prefers the lift and support of a spring mattress, but the comfort of foam.

What People Are Saying About Casper: “I lost my first Casper mattress in my divorce and for no real reason other than my ex wife kept the house. I needed to furnish my new place and instead of buying another Casper, I bought a traditional spring coil mattress at half the price. What a mistake and one I will never make again. I should have just slept on the floor in a sleeping bag and saved the extra I needed to buy my second Casper. Now, all is well with the world because in addition to the new mattress, I got 4 pillows, mattress protector, comforter, and 5 sets of sheets that are all Casper products. I’m back to sleeping soundly through the night and wake up not feeling like I was pulled through a knothole backwards.” –Ronald

Bear Hybrid Mattress

What We Love About the Bear Hybrid: The Bear Hybrid strives to improve sleep quality for its users, while promoting faster recovery for athletes and other active people. Sound like you? This mattress’ hand-tufted, quilted plush top incorporates Celliant’s FDA-Determined infrared yarn technology, which basically means it helps harness and recycle your body’s natural energy while increasing your blood flow. Science!

Who Will Like This Bear Mattress: The Bear Hybrid is ideal for people looking for premium rest and recovery, like pro athletes, weekend warriors, even casual fitness lovers.

What People Are Saying About Bear: “I am an amateur rugby player and I struggle with finding a mattress that will give me the support I need to recover from a rough training session and wake up ready for work the next morning. The Bear Hybrid mattress does that and so much more. I fall into bed and I am off to a restful night of sleep within minutes. I know this mattress is marketed for athletes, but anyone would benefit from it. I’m so glad I chose it.” –Udarius

Best New Mattress on the Market

Current Mattress

What We Love About the Current Mattress: Specifically designed by one of the only three registered mattress engineers in the world to feel “like new” years and years after it first enters your home, the new Current Mattress (which just launched June 2019), comes engineered with an optimal ratio of foam to spring coils. This enhances the mattress’ performance while providing comfort, long-lasting support and durability. In other words, the mattress’ foam isolates and protects the pocketed spring coils, which means you get better alignment, support and hopefully a good night’s sleep.

Who Will Like This Current Mattress: Sleepers — regardless of preferred sleep position — who want consistency, as well as proper support and alignment.

What People Are Saying About Current: “This is the second online mattress we have purchased — the first one being one of the popular foam mattresses, which was always 'just ok.’ Months into use, I would still wake up with a sore lower back. So, we switched to the Current mattress for something with better support, and now my husband and I are 100% hooked… And we’ve recommended [it] to literally anyone and everyone. The mattress feels firmer, but it’s SO comfortable. We don’t wake each other moving in the night, and there’s no sinking spots or dips. The actual sleep we have is incredible, and we finally wake up feeling fully-rested (critical with little kids!), and best of all — no achy backs!” –Lisa

Best Organic/Eco-Friendly Mattresses

Signature Sleep Honest Elements Mattress

What We Love About the Signature Sleep Honest Elements Mattress: The Signature Sleep Honest Elements Mattress features natural wool that can easily bend without breaking (aiding in pressure relief) and organic cotton (which also packs moisture-wicking properties for great temperature control). In other words, it’ll stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, while providing an inhospitable environment for creepy dust mites. In addition, this mattress comes with an aloe vera fiber protector that provides extra moisture to your skin.

Who Will Like This Signature Sleep Honest Elements Mattress: If you’re health- and environmentally-conscious (and on a budget!), this mattress is right for you as it’s made with fewer synthetic materials. For every Signature Sleep Honest Mattress sold, one tree will also be planted through the brand’s partnership with One Tree Planted.

What People Are Saying About Signature Sleep: "Back when we bought our old mattress — more than 15 years ago! — sustainability wasn't really part of the conversation. But now, we try and be very conscientious of where things come from, how they are made, and where they will end up. We loved that the Signature Sleep Honest Mattress is made in California with ethically sourced organic materials, including USDA-certified organic cotton and chemical-free natural wool. And we also really loved that it was delivered right to our house in a shockingly small box with minimal packaging. We just opened the box, the mattress unrolled, and we were in business." –Erin

Parachute Mattress

What We Love About the Parachute Mattress: The foam-free,100% eco-friendly Parachute Mattress comes equipped with 13 inches of tempered steel pocketed coils, micro coils, 100% organic cotton and pure New Zealand wool to provide the ideal blend of softness and support. When developing this mattress, Parachute's Founder and CEO Ariel Kaye, says, they purposefully eliminated elements commonly found in other mattresses (foam, latex, adhesives, petrochemicals, and chemical flame retardants). “The internal coils also provide a more breathable mattress than foam, allowing air to circulate freely and provide an extraordinarily comfortable sleep experience,” Kaye adds.

Who Will Like This Parachute Mattress: Whether you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper, the Parachute Mattress is universally appealing.

What People Are Saying About Parachute: “I’ve spent years looking for a mattress that was firm but soft on top; one without foam, glues, chemical fire retardants or off-gassing. This is it. I’m surprised how much I appreciate the three zones of firmness. They don’t leave an edge that I can feel, but they keep my spine more aligned, and I no longer wake up with an arm that has fallen asleep. I love this mattress so much that I bought a second one for my guest bedroom. Parachute has the right idea. It only needs to sell one mattress — this one.” –Cassandra

Best Mattresses for Couples

Dream Supreme II Hybrid Mattress by Reverie

What We Love About the Dream Supreme II Hybrid: The Dream Supreme II Hybrid is filled with patented DreamCell foam sprigs, which allow for custom firmness options to suit your specific sleep needs — firm, medium or soft. You can unzip it, tweak its firmness as needed. And if you don’t know what you’re doing, for your first year of purchase, you’ll have unlimited access to their Sleep Concierge team who can help you (via phone or email) to customize the firmness of your mattress until it’s just right.

Who Will Like This Dream Supreme Mattress: Since the bed’s firmness is customizable, the Dream Supreme is ideal for pretty much everyone, even couples as you can tweak your side if you share a mattress with someone.

What People Are Saying About Dream Supreme: “After going through scoliosis and having survey, I’ve always had a little trouble sleeping at night and getting comfortable… You can even customize the mattress cells within so you can have it firm in one area and soft in another.” –Samantha

Solaire Mattress by Saatva

What We Love About the Solaire Mattress by Saatva: Solaire by Saatva is one of the brand’s newer mattresses, but already we are impressed by its “control firmness” feature with the push of a button. This mattress truly tries to customize your sleep experience so that it’s perfect for you. Each side of the Solaire has a separate core designed with reinforced chambers that — with the use of a remote — can quietly release or inflate to adjust firmness.

Who Will Like This Solaire Mattress: Couples — especially those with different sleep needs — will love this mattress. If your partner prefers a firmer, cooler mattress, for instance, but you want a softer side to sink into? Solaire’s TK makes you not have to compromise.

What People Are Saying About Solaire: "The best feature of this bed is its personalized support, thanks to the adjustable air chambers that allow the sleeper to find the perfect firmness level.” –unknown

$1995 to $3195 depending on mattress size (does not include the lineal adjustable base, which elevates the head and feet with a remote control for an additional $1249) at

Best Mattress on a Budget

FLIP by Nest Bedding

What We Love About the FLIP: It’s called the “FLIP” for a reason. This super-affordable dual-sided mattress is flippable with two breathable and ergonomically-supportive sleep surfaces. One side is firm, while the other side is medium, so you can choose which side works best for you and your sleep needs.

Who Will Like This FLIP Mattress: The FLIP Mattress is ideal for people who are on a budget and appreciate the option of switching from a medium to firm.

What People Are Saying About Nest Bedding: “Absolutely the best mattress. I have bought several mattresses and this is one I should have bought in the first place. I no longer wake up with a back ache or shoulder ache. I first slept on the firm side but now sleeping on the medium side. Best for me. Anyone thinking about buying a mattress, you won’t be disappointed in this one.” –unknown

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