Body, Mind, & Spirit: The Role of Kinesiology, Epigenetics, and Law of Attraction for Your Health

The body, mind and spirit may appear to be separate but they are tightly connected and actually rely on one another heavily. You only need to look at the power that stress has on your mental health and physical body to see how strong the interconnections between the three are. Maybe you’ve experienced this phenomenon before. Have you ever had a nagging health condition that you tried to solve by diet alone? For example, maybe you’ve experienced gut health issues perhaps in the past. And then even though you cut out the foods that supposedly weren’t good for you and you increase the foods that are good for you, you still experienced your symptoms. Ultimate health takes a holistic approach. You can’t just improve one piece to live your healthiest and most vibrant life. You have to look at your health as a combination of when your body, mind, and spirit are in balance and alignment. Although there are different elements at play in the mind, body and spirit like proper nutrition for your body and epigenetics in your mind, these things all play a role in your overall health. Despite working in varying ways, they connect intimately and affect you massively. When it comes to the body, mind and spirit, each term works both individually and together. The body is the physical structure that everyone has. It holds the brain, muscles, organs, fat and packed with trillions of cells. Whereas the mind is what governs thoughts, emotion and the mental aspects of life. The mind gives you the power to be aware of the world and think and feel. The final piece of the puzzle is the spirit. The spirit can be viewed in a religious context, but it can also be looked at as the energy that […]

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