Bottled wonder packed with ‘tender’ benefits

Bottled wonder packed with ‘tender’ benefits
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Vikhrem Parrekh

CHENNAI: Summer in Chennai is marked by drinking tender coconut water beside a pushcart, as vehicles zip past. Quick cuts shave off curling wisps of fibre that scatter on the floor, and a bio-degradable straw adds the finishing touch for a refreshing and cooling break.

Bengaluru-based Tendders Wonders brings to Chennaiites their favourite summer fruit in an all-natural and healthy tonic for a range of medical conditions. Having just started operations in Chennai, the company is the first in the country to utilise tender coconuts to produce a bio-tonic.
“There is a push for natural remedies. The tonics also do not have any side-effects and are complementary to on-going medical treatment and diet. The intensity of the problem goes down by a significant percentage, by providing the right kinds of nutrients,” said Vikhrem Parrekh, founder. Using biotechnology equipment imported from Germany and the UK, these nutrients are extracted from tender coconut oil.

Primarily, Parrekh explained, tender coconuts are rich in Lauric acid, a nutrient that is found in breast milk, and is the main component of their product line, as it contains all nutrients essential for our health. This acid can boost the immune system, act as a detoxifier, and correct hormonal imbalances.
The idea was conceived by Parrekh in 2016, when the optometrist attempted to administer treatment to Jain monks but was unsuccessful. This led to him and his wife and co-founder, Divya Parrekh, to start this business, which has a consumer base of over 2,000.

“We wanted to work at the core of the problem. The main objective is to give our body the nutrients and supplements it needs to fight its own battles,” said Parrekh. The advised dosage is 7 ml twice a day on an empty stomach, save the first three days where one dosage will suffice. The bio-tonic comes in four lines with different benefits — brain care, skin care, diabetic care, and bone & muscle care lines — each in 250 ml bottles.

The brain care tonic claims to improve cognitive functioning for Alzheimer’s, boost memory and reduce epileptic episodes of seizures. Parrekh recommends the skin care tonic for the current weather in the city, which claims to not only reduce dryness, but also itching due to humidity, and reduce dandruff and hairfall. The diabetic care tonic is ideal for diabetic patients as the tonic does not contain any potassium. The bone & muscle care tonic claims to strengthen bones and effectively reduce body pain.
Should customers not be satisfied with their products, the company offers a 100 per cent money back guarantee, within 30 days of purchase. Unsatisfied customers can call the company and return the product.

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