Brain Octane vs. MCT Oil: What’s The Difference?

Brain Octane vs. MCT Oil: What’s The Difference?
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What is Brain Octane?

Brain Octane oil is found in coconut oils. It is one of the types of MCT oil. It has natural effects of energy and boosts mental performance. It is very recommendable for weight loss because it has the tendency to make you feel full for the rest of the day. It eliminates the feeling of food cravings and hunger. It provides gut satisfaction that prevents from eating a lot. If you want to give it a try and stay healthy, you can check Yes Wellness for their products.

Brain Octane is also good alternatives for many things. Instead of taking energy drinks, you can just mix brain octane with your water. It does not have side effects such as jittery feelings or nervousness. It gives natural pure energy. If you want to go to the gym, exercise, you can mix brain octane with your water or even smoothies. This is odorless and tasteless so it will not give unnecessary smell or taste as an add on. You read it right. This is a good add on for any food because it is odorless and tasteless. This is a good alternative if you are doing specific diets that require to eliminate energy giving nutrients.

What is MCT Oil?

MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides. Some people use MCT oil for a medication. It is actually created first for medical use. Triglyceride is a technical and medical term for fat – it can be converted as energy or be stored fats. If triglyceride becomes stored fats, it is risky. That is why some people use MCT oil for medication because it can reduce levels of cholesterols and other fats such as triglyceride. MCT oil also helps in treating digestion problems. It is also used in medication for Alzheimer’s disease and seizures in epilepsy. There are no studies that have proven it can cure such diseases but it can help in managing the symptoms. MCT oil can reduce epileptic seizures. There are also studies that have found MCT oil in helping reduce memory loss in Alzheimer’s disease.

MCT is a type of oil made by processed coconut and palm. It is one of the components of Brain octane oil. This is also odorless and tasteless. You can mix this with your meals. A drizzle of MCT oil on your meal will either help medication or weight loss and manage your fatty acids. Some athletes use MCT oil as an energy source. It is good for weight loss diets because this reduces the need for carbohydrate which is one of the major sources of fat. MCT oil also helps with mental performance.

Benefits that Brain Octane and MCT oil can give:

1. Weight loss or fat burning

Both oils can be used for fat burning diets. If you are aiming to lose weight, MCT and Brain octane are both preferable to use. They will make you feel full for the rest of the day because they suppress hunger. They also both help in improving metabolism while decreasing the stored fats. This is the reason why both oils are used for different types of diet such as Ketogenic diet and Bulletproof diet. They both lessen food cravings for the rest of the day.

2. Mental and physical performance improvement

They help in mental focus and physical energy at the same time. MCT was known to be used for Alzheimer’s disease medication because it blocks the receptors in the brain that help with memory loss. Both oils also are good with physical performance. If you are fond of going to the gym, you regularly jog, or just exercising at home, MCT and Brain octane will make a good contribution. There are even studies that have proven athletes who take MCT oil before their games last longer than those who do not. They both boost physical performance by adding energy to your system with the fats they have. You can make this an add on to your smoothie to increase energy since this is tasteless. It will not affect the flavor of your favorite smoothie. You can also just simply drizzle this on your water.

You can also use these as alternatives for energy drinks. Unlike energy drinks, these do not have side effects such as jittery feelings and nervousness.

There are no studies yet that have proven MCT and Brain octane have side effects on the body. In conclusion, if you are trying to stay healthy, do not depend on just these oils. Although both oils may work like a dream, it is still essential to eat properly and to have a balanced diet. These are not the solution to stay healthy and fit but they are a huge help and can make a difference than not taking at all. Brain octane and MCT oil do not have much difference because Brain octane is a type of MCT oil. But they are both recommendable to boost mental and physical performance and for weight loss.

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