Breakthrough device can easily and accurately measure fluoride concentrations in water

Breakthrough device can easily and accurately measure fluoride concentrations in water
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Image: Breakthrough device can easily and accurately measure fluoride concentrations in water

(Natural News) What if there were a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to test your drinking water at home or at work to determine just how much toxic fluoride it contains? Well, thanks to the dedicated work of researchers from Switzerland, now there is.

A new study published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society highlights the amazing capabilities of the all-new SION-105, a portable measuring device that allows for virtually anyone to detect fluoride concentrations in water without the need for pricey machinery or large laboratories.

According to the researchers from Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale in Lausanne who came up with this groundbreaking technology, what used to be possible only in well-equipped chemical laboratories can now be accomplished by any ordinary Joe or Jane, and with just a tiny bit of sample water.

The SION-105, they report, is made from synthesized materials belonging to the “metal-organic frameworks” (MOF) family of compounds. These compounds, they further explain, are connected to organic ligands in one-, two-, or three-dimensional structures, offering incredible versatility for use in things like separating petrochemicals, detoxifying water, and even drawing out from a mixed substance specific compounds like hydrogen or gold.

In this particular application, the MOF combinations built into the SION-105 are designed to interact with fluoride chemicals and change color from luminescent to a darker hue, indicating the presence of fluoride to such a precise degree that exact measurements of fluoride can be assessed.

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“Add a few droplets of water and by monitoring the color change of the MOF one can say whether it is safe to drink the water or not,” explains Mish Ebrahim, the paper’s primary author, about how the SION-105 device and its technology works. “This can now be done on-site, without any chemical expertise.”

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Fluoride is a neurotoxic waste byproduct that destroys human health

At the same time that the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) and other environmental and health groups are aggressively and successfully suing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to stop the widespread American practice of artificial water fluoridation, these Swiss researchers have developed a whole new way to identify its presence with near-exact precision.

The stated purpose of their SION-105 device is to make it easier for folks to accurately assess fluoride levels in their drinking water, no matter where they live, in order to avoid consuming too much of it.

Fluoride consumption, in case you don’t know, doesn’t actually prevent tooth decay, and is actually associated with hypothyroidism, brain damage, lowered IQ, brittle bones, and various other serious health conditions.

“This comparison showcases the performance and reliability of SION-105, which, coupled with the portability and ease-of-use of the device, make it a very user-friendly solution for water sampling in remote areas where frequent fluoride concentration monitoring is paramount,” says Kyriakos Stylianou from the Laboratory of Molecular Simulation at EPFL Valais Wallis.

Is your home water filtration system effectively removing fluoride and other toxic chemicals from your water?

Water filtrations systems like those produced by Berkey are highly effective at removing the vast majority of the fluoride found in typical American drinking water – and now, with the SION-105, you can test this for yourself.

Berkey units are also effective at removing other toxic chemicals from water like chlorine, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury, as well as radioactive isotopes like cesium. Be sure to check out the test results compiled by the Natural News Forensic Food Labs at

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