BUSTED: Yet another liberal student caught sending “hate crime” threats to herself… now faces criminal charges

BUSTED: Yet another liberal student caught sending “hate crime” threats to herself… now faces criminal charges
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Image: BUSTED: Yet another liberal student caught sending “hate crime” threats to herself… now faces criminal charges

(Natural News) In November, a student at Drake University told administrators she had found multiple racist notes in one of the residence halls. Now, the student in question, 18-year-old Kissie Ram, is being charged with making false reports to law enforcement. It turns out the notes were not the musings of a racist, and were the work of a left-leaning college student looking to create her own “hate crime.”

This is the end result of liberal “special snowflake” culture: A generation of young adults who want to be victims.

According to reports, Ram has admitted to writing one of the five racist notes found on campus. Drake officials say they are certain that Ram is connected to at least four of the five notes.

The first note, found by freshman Keith Walker in early November, is still under investigation.

Student facing charges over hate crime hoax

As Daily Wire reports, Drake University President Marty Martin recently announced to students and faculty, revealing that the notes reported by Ram on November 13 and 15 were nothing more than “copycat hoaxes of an initial campus incident.”

A spokesman for the Des Moines, Iowa police department, Sgt. Paul Parizek, states that Ram will be charged with harassment. Though the student has misdemeanor summons, she was not booked into jail. The Des Moines Register reports that if Ram is found guilty, she could be fined and incarcerated for up to 12 months.

At Drake, Ram faces a campaign discipline procedure that may lead to expulsion, as well.

Parizek noted further that Ram would not be charged for the original note, found by Walker earlier in November. Campus officials have stated they “are confident the four notes reported by the female student were hoaxes,” but believe Ram was not involved with the initial letter.

According to Daily Wire, Walker, the young man who found the first hate letter, has not been cooperating with police investigating the crime and has not responded to interview requests. As Daily Wire reports:

Walker wrote about the note in a now-deleted Facebook post, saying he was going to leave Drake on November 9 for “mental health reasons” but would return. Drake sent a statement to the Register saying after Walker reported the note, he was offered a new place to live, academic support, counseling, and security.

Sgt. Parizek commented that the police are still investigating Walker’s note.

Students still outraged over phony letters

Some 3,000 Drake University students gathered to protest, rallying for “unity” among students on November 14. At the event, one student went so far as to say she felt her life was in danger at Drake.

Jose Garcia-Fuerte, Drake student body president, reportedly stated that these “fears should not be dismissed,” even though the notes were a hoax. “People still feared for their lives even though it was a hoax,” he added.

As Daily Wire recalls, this is not the first time someone has reported a phony racism incident. While these hoaxes are supposedly intended to create “dialogue,” the truth is that these kinds of scams do nothing to actually promote equality or open minds. All that these “racism hoaxes” do is give the purported victim a soapbox to stand on while they try to grab their 15 minutes of fame.

How does pretending to be the victim of a crime that never happened “open the conversation” about race relations and equality, when all it accomplishes is more finger-pointing, more race-baiting and more hate?

The Left is known for doing anything and everything to push their agenda: It’s basically psychological warfare at this point. Even though people know that these notes were a hoax, they have already been affected by them. And now, a deeper state of brainwashing can begin.

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