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26 Reasons Why You Are Not Doing More With Your Brains - Education - Nairaland
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26 Reasons why you are Not Doing More with Your Brains.

According to research and science, the capacity and capability of the brain have been overwhelmingly underutilized. But why is this so?

What is the capacity of the brain and what percentage have humans used so far? This is really interesting.

This is not a boring science thesis, but a very short revelation of facts that can help you use your brain more.

Like said earlier it is rumored that less than 10% of our brain capacity is used during our lifetime. Well, we will get to see whether this is true.

After going through this article, you can as well said that doing the opposite of the things written here will get you to do more with your brains.

Reasons why you are Not Doing More with Your Brains
So these are my reasons why people don’t do more with their brain.

As a student, an employee, you know you need ways to improve your brain capacity to do more and get more out of what you are doing.

You are not learning enough new things. Learning new things expands your brain like elastics. Learn new things every day.
You are not doing some aerobic exercise on a regular basis. Doing physical aerobic exercise can boost your brain power in a dramatical fashion because it releases chemicals to your brain.

You are certainly not doing memory training. Most times, forgetting thing becomes a habitual problem. In that case, you have to train your memory to remember or memorize things

You lack some element of curiosity. Be curious leads to learning new things. Learning new things expands memory.
You are not thinking positively. Avoid overthinking damages the brain’s capacity to retain facts.

You are not eating brain food. Eat healthy food like fruits, protein, and vegetable to help boost the functionality of the brain.
You are a smoker. Smoking causes brain fog and places you at the mercy of numerous chronic diseases.

You’ve probably stopped reading. Reading books everyday especially hard books with new vocabulary will help to keep your brain more active and alive.

You are not resting enough. During sleep, your brain recharges just like your cell phone, so if you are overworking yourself without adequate and proper rest reconsider your ways.

You are properly not giving your mind some challenge. When last did you challenge your mind with some games, quiz, and puzzles?
Maybe you are not relaxing your mind. Relax your mind. And stop worrying.

You are not listening to good music. Music is one of the greatest healing tools you can think of. Ask the Chinese.

You are using too many aids like GPS and a calculator. Try using your brain to read the map or to do that calculation

You are not socially active both in real life and on social media. Being a no man island will stiffen your growth mentally. So get out there and relate.

You are forgetting to get some brain supplement. Well, supplements can significantly improve your mental abilities. Nootropics such as vitamin d and fish oil can give your brain a boost.

Your company/associate is not an intelligent one. Remember that saying “” show me your friend and i will tell you who you are.

You probably don’t keep a journal or diary. Documenting your daily activities is a surefire way to keep you memory very sharp and retentive. If you have never try journaling before, why not try today and start seeing the results for yourself. What do Einstein, Isaac Newton and Thomas Jefferson have in common? They were all diary keepers. Taking notes or only writing down things or ideas is creating an extension of your mind. Your thoughts will be recorded, and the routine of writing them down will enable you to think more thoroughly and improve your way of thinking.

You don’t complete tasks. Learn until you master a task and then start a new one. When you start getting good at something, you brain start getting use to it and stop trying new possibilities to solve a problem

You have not befriended nature. Get out to the world and make friend with nature. Staying in a natural environment that is serene encourage the brain to function better.

You hate numbers. Math and numbers engage the critical thinking aspect of your brain. And if you are using of one side of your brain, the functionality of the unused part will diminish. When this happens, it reduces the potential of your memory.

You are not having good and enough sex. Yes, you read that right. Sex is actually very good for your health. You need some for some brain neurons to be released for proper functioning.

You hate Learning New language. Learning a new language will not just help you to add another language to the list you already know, but you will expand your brain. If you are scared of language an actual language, you can learn a computer programming language.

You are multi-tasking. Let me shock you: it’s actually impossible for your brain to fully multitask, as show a number of studies. According to neuroscientist Daniel Levitin. If you do a number of things at once, your brain will not keep them all fully in its attention. Instead, it will focus on one thing at a time, giving it a little bit of attention before moving on to another thing and so on. Multitasking will “fractionate” your concentration, deplete your neural resources, tire you out, and you probably won’t get any of those things done as well as if you just paid attention to them one at a time.

You do not meditate. Meditating does not only relieve stress but it helps to change the brain.

You probably don’t dance or don’t know how to dance. Research has indicated that dancing speeds up your brain and speeds up pattern recognition due to its unique combination of cognitive, physical and social activity. This might also slow the effects of aging and grow new white matter more than walking or stretching.

You are not spending enough time with your loved ones. If you want optimal cognitive abilities, then you need to have meaningful relationships in your life. Talking with others and engaging with your loved ones helps you think more clearly, and it can also lift your mood.


You can use this reasons as a way of training your brain to work more and retain more. Now that you know how to train your brain, it’s actually time to start doing more.

Don’t just consume this content and then go on with your life as if nothing has changed. Put this knowledge into action and become smarter than ever before!

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