Do These 3 Things in the Morning to Stay Energized All Day

Do These 3 Things in the Morning to Stay Energized All Day
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Whether balancing a side-hustle or juggling work and family, every self-employed person and business owner could use a little (or a lot) more energy. If you want to increase your productivity and results, coffee can only take you so far. It helps, instead, to start at the source: you.

Here are three steps to channel your energy at the start of the day to avoid burnout.

1. Master Your Morning Routine

We've all heard about the over-the-top morning routines of the ultra-successful. While you don't have to dive into a cryotherapy tank like Tony Robbins, research shows a solid morning routine can position your entire day for success.

Two examples of good habits to incorporate into your mornings are meditation and breath work. I've found that these can truly set my mood and focus for the day when I make the time for them.

Apps like Headspace and Holosync can help you tap into the beneficial brain waves associated with meditating.

Another healthy morning habit is low-intensity cardio. I had the opportunity to interview Anthony DeClementi, author of Biohacking Secrets, and I was intrigued because, 1) He was barefoot for our interview (an increasingly popular biohack called 'Earthing'), and 2) He claims you can "biohack" your energy to increase focus and overall wellbeing.

Anthony says just 20 minutes of gentle cardio at the start of your day can benefit your memory, protect you from neuro-degenerative diseases, increase your brain drive, and help the formation of new brain cells. What's not to like?

2. Identify One Task

If you're anything like me, then you juggle multiple to-do lists, notepads, and planners. However, research shows this can actually be counterproductive.

Long to-do lists can make you preoccupied with smaller, more tolerable tasks, such as picking up the dry cleaning and walking the dog.

Instead, identify just one single task.

Decide what is the most important thing for you to accomplish for your business, and fight the urge to write out a bunch of small, menial tasks.

Create a distraction-free zone and give that task your undivided attention until it is finished.

Programs like or will restrict your internet access while you are grinding on that one task.

3. Stay Hydrated

While going through your morning routine and crushing that one essential task, make sure to stay hydrated. I used to drink more coffee than water during the day, but after learning how hydration can impact focus, memory, anxiety, and energy, I decided to make some big changes.

Take it from business coach and the creator of "The Natural Thirst Challenge," Alex Charfen: "When you focus on proper hydration first thing in the morning, you can feel your body wake up, your metabolism increase and your head clear," Charfen told me in an interview. I've taken Alex's free thirst challenge and now drink around 120 ounces of water each day. This new habit has made a significant impact on my focus and energy levels.

By establishing healthy morning routines, prioritizing one single task per day, and focusing on proper hydration, I have experienced increased productivity and higher energy, and I bet you can, too.

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