Does Your Memory Suck? Here Are 4 Natural Ways To Boost Your Brain Power

Does Your Memory Suck? Here Are 4 Natural Ways To Boost Your Brain Power
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The brain is the most critical organ in the body. Sure, the heart and liver are crucial, but those can be transplanted or hooked up to technology, so they keep working.

You only get one brain, and unless you’re the son of a Frankenstein you’re not getting another, so it’s vital to keep the mind in mint condition.

Unfortunately, many daily habits are turning our minds into mush. Staring at screens all day is slowly screwing with our melons, and there are hundreds of times a day when we’ve got to trick our heads into getting stuff done.

Thankfully, there are natural ways to boost brain power, and this article from BrainMD Health suggests several ideas to try immediately.

A few of the tips should be obvious like eating the right foods, avoiding toxins like booze and drugs, and exercising on the regular. There are all activities we’ll assume people know and understand because they’re smart for staying healthy overall.

The other four suggestions from BrainMD Health are a little less obvious but just as easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

The first proposal is to TAKE MORE TRIPS.

“Traveling helps the brain by exposing it to new places and faces,” the article explains. “Using maps exercises the brain’s visual-spatial abilities and helps stimulate your memory pathways. In addition to breaking up the sameness of your daily routine, taking a trip can provide a whole new set of experiences, some of which may become cherished memories.”


When was the last time you learned a new sport, new game, taught yourself to play an instrument or accomplished anything after work besides crushing “Rick and Morty” reruns?

“Studies indicate that stimulating brain pathways you haven’t been using regularly can help improve your brain health. Brain researchers emphasize that the “use it or lose it” principle applies to the brain. When the brain stops learning, it can start, fading, so be intentional about learning new things.”

The third proposal for kicking the brain into gear is to MEET NEW PEOPLE and not at a bar.

But you do have to leave your house.

“Since people tend to become more like those they spend time with, it’s good to work on developing friendships with positive and interesting individuals. You can trade ideas, learn new information, and broaden your perspective by associating with different kinds of people. Spend time with people who inspire, encourage, and challenge, you.”

Finally, BrainHealth MD challenges people to put their brain to work by LEARNING COORDINATION ACTIVITIES.

These include dancing, juggling, ping pong, jumping rope, or any physical activity that involves both brains and a little brawn.

These activities boost activity in the cerebellum, which contains “about 50 percent of the brain’s neurons and is involved with both physical and thought coordination.”

And since you’re already learning something new, why not conquer it in half the time by working at it like a true master.

[via BrainMD Health]


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