EMFs linked to MASSIVE decline in global health

EMFs linked to MASSIVE decline in global health
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Image: EMFs linked to MASSIVE decline in global health

(Natural News) The topic of electromagnetic field (EMF) dangers has been the subject of great debate over the years, but never has it seemed more pressing than now, as we face the transition into high-tech 5G technology. With smart home devices and utility meters becoming part and parcel of our daily lives, the potential for harm is significant – and EMFs have already been linked to a massive decline in global health.

First, many people will argue that the sun naturally emits some EMFs, but our exposure to artificial EMFs has reached unprecedented heights. Low-frequency EMF radiation, which encompasses that given off by smart meters, cell phones, Bluetooth, power lines, MRIs, and microwaves, has been listed as a class 2B probable carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer – right alongside indisputable dangers like lead and DDT.

It’s not just cancer that we need to worry about however, as people can experience a host of unpleasant symptoms after prolonged exposure. It’s more than a coincidence that so many people experience these problems just as technology takes over our lives.

In fact, 27 percent of American children are now said to live with chronic health conditions that impact their daily activities, while 60 percent of adults have at least one chronic condition and 42 percent experience multiple chronic conditions.

The health problems that people can experience from this exposure have even been given a name, electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Its symptoms can include vertigo, fatigue, sleep problems, depression, dizziness, trouble concentrating, anxiety, mood swings, mental decline, irritability, involuntary twitching, and slower healing from infections.

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One recent study found that constant EMF exposure impairs the memory of adolescents. After following 700 people between the ages of 12 and 17 for one year, the researchers noted that the RF-EMF exposure from cell phone use had a negative effect on figural memory performance in this group. Figural memory is a function of the right brain that relates to your capacity for remembering images. This impairment was most noticeable in people who regularly used their cell phones on the right side of their head.

Many studies into EMF dangers are biased, however. The University of Washington’s Dr. Henry Lai recently illustrated just how skewed the research on the topic has been. He noted that 70 percent of studies into EMF dangers that were not funded by the industry have shown harmful effects, while just 32 percent of industry-funded studies have found harmful effects.

What can you do to reduce your EMF exposure?

Unfortunately, many people’s concerns about these problems tend to be dismissed thanks to the conflicting information and ongoing efforts by those with a vested interest in technology to convince the world it’s harmless.

If you believe you’re suffering from these issues, you’ll want to reduce or eliminate your use of cell phones, microwaves, laptops and Bluetooth devices. If you must use a computer and internet for work, for example, get hard-wired options instead. Don’t forget about peripherals such as your mouse and keyboard.

If you must use a cell phone, be sure to use a hands-free headset or speakerphone to minimize the damage. Don’t sleep with electronics running in your house, and turn your router off at night if you must use one.

It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to argue that EMF radiation is harmless, and now the real question is just how great the damage of all this exposure will prove to be on human health in the 5G era.

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