Focus: How Can We Live a Healthier and More Productive Life?

Focus: How Can We Live a Healthier and More Productive Life?
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It is never too late to find ways to live a healthier life. Sometimes we see suggestions from various books and magazines that give us new ways to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. I find many good suggestions from the Woman’s World magazine. The September 26 issue was full of great ideas on living healthier and having a more productive life. Some of the suggestions are easy to follow and some ideas are helpful in many ways. We all need to discover different ways to make us healthier, more beautiful and have a better attitude in today’s harried world. You can read these suggestions and try some if you wish to.

September 26 has been called World Dream Day. Did you know that daydreaming can make you more creative according to a report from Psychological Science? Take a break from your daily routine and sit down or lie down and just daydream about whatever you wish to do. Daydreaming can free the mind to think of something productive that you might want to do and just never tried to do it. Never give up your dream of doing something special. Rejection can either deflate you or fuel your vision to become a reality says Melody Tsai, who was rejected by a culinary school because she was deaf. This positive story shows how this lady did not give up her dream and became the owner of a very popular pizzeria who serves everyone alike. The article by Michelle Abrams tells us there are three ways to overcome any obstacle. Visualize your roadblocks. Encourage yourself with small daily reminders and put a new spin on old goals.

Here are a few health ideas for fall. Smooth wrinkles with blackberry cream. Combine 1 T. of mashed blackberries and 1 T. of plain yogurt. Massage onto skin and let sit for 10 minutes. Then rinse. Did you know you could thicken your hair with a pumpkin conditioner? Pumpkin’s hair-boosting vitamins increase circulation in the scalp to deliver blood, oxygen and nutrients to help stimulate hair growth. It also helps to prevent hair from falling out due to the strengthening of the hair at the root. Mix 1 T. of pumpkin puree and 1 T. of olive oil - massage onto damp hair from roots to ends. Cover with shower cap and leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse. Relieve rashy skin with zucchini lotion. Grate half of a zucchini, then combine with ¼ cup of coconut oil. Apply to rashy skin and let sit 15 minutes; rinse. Use common sense when trying any idea. If you have an allergy to an ingredient, don’t try the idea.

Many folks have allergy eyes, stuffy noses and itchy skin during the late summer and early fall due to ragweed and other allergies to the fall leaves. Ophthalmologist Joe Castillo, M.D. explains that gentle washing of your eyebrows, lids and lashes twice daily with baby shampoo can cut eye redness, watering, itching and puffiness by 90%. The gentle washing removes sticky pollen before it can migrate into your eyes and cause an allergic reaction. Wear natural fabrics such as cotton, linen or other natural fibers to cut your exposure to troublesome pollen. According to Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, synthetic fabrics like polyester, nylon and rayon build up static electricity as you move around in them. This can trap pollen the same way TV screens attract dust. Snack on walnuts (unless you have a nut allergy) to help with seasonal allergies. Nuts are great for your health unless you have a nut allergy. I always suggest checking with your doctor if you are on a special diet or have medications that can be altered with any food or recipe before trying some of these ideas.

Do you want to improve your memory? Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D. says to use rosemary to enhance your memory. Rosemary has antioxidants, is rich in flavor and stimulates activity in the brain’s frontal lobe. You might try this when cooking. Mix 1 tsp. of fresh or ¼ tsp. of dried rosemary blended into marinades or tossed with meat and veggies, then roast your meats and veggies.

Here are some ideas when you have been too active, are doing too much, and you feel a burnout. Wake up with a prayer. Starting your day with prayer and being thankful for all your blessings can reduce your burnout by 65%, according to Duke University. Move at home with a daily 30-minute workout, which increases your brain’s production of mood-boosting serotonin, making you feel happier and more upbeat, says psychiatrist Linda Lam, M.D. Take a few minutes every evening to write down a few lines of your feelings about your day. Writing can cut anxiety, fatigue and burnout by 55% according to scientists at the University of Texas. They say that putting your emotions on paper keeps your adrenal glands calm, reducing their stress hormone release. Relax at night with a warm bath. This is a good idea if you have a tub. If no tub, you might pick up a book or your Bible and read before going to sleep.

Feel younger every day by taking a walk, sharing a laugh with a friend, drinking a few more glasses of water and doodling, even if you can’t draw. Snack on an orange which can help reduce your risk for macular degeneration. Australian scientists say flavonoids in oranges protect the eye from oxidative stress. Take a nap. This gives you a rest and can give you more energy. Find something that you like to do and take the time to do it.

Do you have anxiety? When you suffer from anxiety, brain fog or just feel blah, Feng Shui can help, says Nancy Santo Pietro. Improving your energy flow throughout your house can make you feel less anxiety. Decluttering is a great way to improve your anxiety. Your home mirrors your inner self, so improving its energy flow through rearranging furniture or clearing clutter also improves the body’s energy flow.

Do you have a fear of failure? These three authors have written books on overcoming the fear of failure. Ellen Hendriksen wrote How to Be Yourself. Amy Morin is the author of 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do. Caria Manly wrote Joy from Fear and Aging Joyfully. These authors tell us to believe in ourselves, give ourselves permission to make and learn from our mistakes, and to reward our courage with something we like to do or like to eat when we overcome a failure. Flip to a positive attitude with meeting new challenges and overcoming them. Celebrate the journey by learning new things that you never thought you could do. Finally, smile at the future knowing that you have many talents and gifts that belong only to you. Take these gifts and talents and share them with others.

These suggestions for living a healthier and more productive life are found in the September 26 issue of Woman’s World. I leave you with these comments taken from the same magazine.

You have something wonderful: today! Today is always filled with joys to welcome and possibilities to explore. Today is always the best time for taking steps forward and the perfect time for second chances, great choices and positive changes. And you get a brand-new today every day!

Let joy transform your life! The feel-great secret: starting and ending each day with a joyful thought! It sets the stage for happiness and success. It reminds you that life brings many more blessings than stresses, and it works wonders, because one positive thought always leads to another!

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