FocusMax By Relaxium® Provides Natural Cognitive Support

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Though it is not a formal medical diagnosis, a recent study conducted by the Longevity Center at the University of California, Los Angeles notes that an increasingly larger number of consumers report suffering from brain fog each year. Before resorting to potentially harmful prescription medications that may temporarily aid in productivity without long-term benefit, consumers should note there are natural options which provide cognitive support with less risk.FocusMax by Relaxium is an MD-formulated dietary supplement that supports healthy brain function and memory.

FocusMax was designed to combat memory and concentration issues caused by sleep deprivation. Our proprietary formula contains huperzine, bacopa, and phosphatidylserine—a range of powerful ingredients which have been clinically shown to aid in focus and concentration. While unhealthy diet and an increase of stress were also key contributors, lack of sleep is reported as the top factor causing brain fog. To further support consumers in establishing a healthy sleep/wake cycle, FocusMax was formulated as a perfect complement to Relaxium Sleep—the brand’s marque product designed to naturally support healthy sleep patterns.

“During my 25-year-career as a practicing physician, I’ve noticed that complaints tied to brain fog and trouble sleeping have become more and more frequent. To aid my patients in finding relief, I have carefully formulated a range of natural supplements utilizing heavily-researched ingredients that work,” said Dr. Ciliberti, esteemed clinical neurologist and formulator of the Relaxium product range. “Prescription and over-the-counter medications possess a wide array of unwanted side effects including lack of appetite, headaches, cognitive impairment, and more. I am confident that FocusMax and Relaxium Sleep are the ideal natural option when it comes to combatting lack of focus and unhealthy sleep patterns.”

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About Relaxium
Dr. Eric Ciliberti, founder of the American Behavioral Research Institute, is a neurologist who has been helping patients suffering from both sleep and mood disorders for over 20 years. In an effort to assist patients suffering from sleep issues without prescribing potentially harmful pharmaceutical drugs, Dr. Ciliberti formulated his marque product—Relaxium Sleep—to provide patients with an all-natural dietary supplement to reduce sleeplessness, stress and anxiety, boost daytime energy, and enhance focus and concentration. Based on positive consumer response, Dr. Ciliberti made the decision to expand the Relaxium product range through developing Relaxium Calm--a dietary supplement designed to offer natural mood support and promote relaxation—as well as FocusMax—a dietary supplement designed to provide cognitive support and promote healthy brain function. All products in the Relaxium product range are made with 100% natural ingredients. For more information on Relaxium’s complete product line, please visit

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