Food processor lists benefits of daily cocoa consumption

Food processor lists benefits of daily cocoa consumption
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Mr. Duro Kuteyi, Managing Director, Spectra Industries Limited

The Chief Executive Officer of Spectra Industries Limited, Lagos, makers of Cocoa Powder, Mr. Duro Kuteyi has called on Nigerians to embrace daily consumption of Cocoa products, to enjoy its incredible medical benefits, which are entrenched with amazing healing power.

Cocoa is a main manufacturing ingredient of chocolate and a low-fat constituent of cocoa bean, which is finely ground. Naturally, it is a rich substance with high minerals and nutrients providing innumerable health benefits.

Kuteyi, who disclosed this in Lagos, said scientists consider cocoa powder as an active agent that helps prevent the growth of infectious bacteria in the body, adding that daily intake of the product helps in boosting cognitive function, allow blood flow and maintain healthy growth.

The food processor said regular intake of cocoa could regulate lipid metabolism apart from boosting the cognitive function in older adults and reverse early memory decline.He said: “Research had proven that cocoa power is beneficial for quick relief from high blood pressure and constipation. In a bid to improve cocoa value addition, Spectra Industry produced cocoa powder, which is good for the brain and stability of blood pressure.

“The cocoa powder can treat diabetes, bronchial asthma, strengthen cardiovascular health and prevents cancer. “It also maintains cholesterol level because it increases the level of healthy cholesterol in the blood, which leads to diminishing risk of heart diseases. The powder exerts therapeutic effects helps to treat constipation complication and bowel function diseases.”

Kuteyi added that its product its product has prominent effects on the mood, which helps reduce stress level. “It prevents fatal blood clots from blocking blood vessels, which may lead to severe cardiac failure.

“The regular intake of cocoa modulates lipid metabolism to reduce the synthesis of fatty acids besides aiding in reducing obesity, the appropriate consumption improves thermogenesis-heat production mechanism in liver and white adipose tissues.” He described cocoa as one of the natural ingredients that could be used to maintain the hazardous effects of ultraviolet rays and reduce scaling and roughness of the skin.

“Studies have shown that cocoa powder inhibits the growth of cancerous cells, also protects the growth of healthy cells, the powder evidently exhibits anti-proliferative qualities to heal cancer with the help of procyanidins and flavonols. Particularly, it treats prostate and colon cancer with its effective healing power,” he said.

While appealing to families to put cocoa powder as part of their menu, due to its several benefits, he promised to improve value addition of food products of the company.

“Those having problem of obesity need not worry anymore, as regular intake of cocoa reduces obesity. Cocoa modulates lipid metabolism to reduce the synthesis of fatty acids. Besides aiding reduction of obesity, it improves thermogenesis-the het production mechanism in the liver and white adipose tissues,” he said.

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