How to get through the day without caffeine

How to get through the day without caffeine
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How to get through the day without caffeine

Many people drink coffee or tea every day to keep being energetic from the morning to the evening.

However, caffeine is not the only way that you can get through the day.

For people who want to cut back on a coffee budget or caffeine dependence, there are several things to try, according to researchers from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Do physical activity

Physical activity can keep us alert, just like what caffeine does. The physical activity can be light and short, such as stretching while you’re still in bed.

The activity may help your blood flow and tell your brain that you are ready to get up.

If possible, you can take 10 minutes to walk around your block before going to work. The natural light can make you feel awake and energetic.

During your work, you can move around and break your long sitting time.

Take a cold shower

Having a cold shower can increase your oxygen intake and blood flow, which improves alertness and focus.

It can also give you psychological benefits, including feeling more empowered to do the work in the day.

It is easy to take a cold shower in the summer. In winter you can drink a glass of ice-cold water to get similar benefits.

In addition, you should stay hydrated throughout the day to improves your cognitive performance, mood and memory.

Eat an apple as your morning snack

Apples are high in natural sugars and vitamins, which can provide you energy without too many calories.

Eating an apple in the morning can help you feel awake at a more natural pace. Your blood sugar is also more stabilized.

Talk to people

Previous research has shown that talking to people we feel connected to, such as good friends or family members, can make us feel more alert, aware, focused and purposeful.

That is why if you have time between classes or work, make a phone call home can make you feel more energetic.

You can also take a short time to go for a walk with your colleagues.

Have good sleep habits

Good sleep habits can make us wake up easier.

You should aim to get 7-9 hours of sleep per night.

When you sleep, try to sleep in a quiet, dark space. Shut down your brains off with relaxing activities before bed such as reading, doing yoga or listening to light music.

In addition, you should try to wake up at the same time every day (or at least within an hour of the same time), even on weekends.

When you get into the habit of standard waking time, you just train yourself to flick on your “awake” switch without much effort.

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