How Writing on Paper Is Good For Your Mental Health

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Technology is very fast replacing things that used to be done the old fashioned way. The emergence of smartphones, tablets, and computers, which are mainly used for typing, is replacing writing on paper fast. There are numerous apps which ensure efficient typing at high speed and simple notes on digital devices. Interestingly, there are some in the personal development and productivity world that insists that one should write by hand. There seem to be hidden benefits which one cannot gain while typing on a device. We look further into why and how writing on paper is beneficial.

How writing on paper is good for your mental health

I. Enhanced learning capabilities

A study was conducted among different groups of students; the first group was those who preferred taking notes by typing on a laptop and the second group was of students who took notes by hand. The students were later tested on detailed facts of their learning. The students, who took notes by hand learned more, understood the concepts taught and made sense out of them and had the ability to generalize them compared to the students who preferred typing notes in class.
The ones who typed had longer notes, but those who wrote by hand had shorter notes due to their understanding and ability to shorten the conceptual understanding.
The hand writing students found it easy to apply what they had learned compared to the ones who typed.

II. As you age your mind stays sharp

Writing on paper is recommended by physicians for older individuals as a cognitive exercise which is effective. Writing on paper activates various parts of the brain, including the language, thinking and working centers. Typing is a more robotic activity, but writing by hand keeps your mind activated because you think of the shape of every letter as you write; this is very essential for people as they age.

III. Enhanced memory of the handwritten material

Writing on paper will help you remember the lines and shapes of letters because the motor skills of the brain are activated to form each letter. This process implants the written concept in your mind as compared to typing which involves just the press of a button and a whole letter appears. Learning new languages means one learning to carve out new letters and symbols. If you want a new language to stick to your mind, learn to write it.

IV. Support creativity

Writing by hand uses the cognitive, visual and motor perception. You become more creative because of the use of both the right and left side of the brain. When writing on paper, one engages in the art which is enjoyable. You get new ways to improve on your handwriting by creating and forming a unique way of forming characters.

V. Realize feelings and thoughts change
When you write something down you notice a change in your thoughts, and feelings. You get to connect your behavior, feelings and thoughts. When reading a written piece of paper you get to understand and change your thoughts or feelings about a piece of writing.

Technology is great, but sometimes we have to sit back and do things the old fashioned way. If you are stuck in front of typing devices all day that is the computer and phone take time at the end of the day and use pen and paper to write daily to improve your mental health. One can choose to write in a journal or a diary daily for their mental health wellness. You can practice with different writing skills such as unstructured and planned, unstructured and planned, structured and planned or structured and unplanned.

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