Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know about Your Memory

Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know about Your Memory
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Did you know that the human brain starts remembering things from the womb? According to an interesting research, memory begins to work 20 weeks after conception. Our brain has virtually limitless storage capacity. A healthy adult can remember 20 to 100,000 words. According to an article published by in 2012, there were at least 33 people in the world, counted till that time, which are able to pull out facts from their memory, the most prosaic details of that thin slice of their personal history, no matter what the date or time they are asked to recall.

Memory can be of different types. For instance, famous mathematician John von Neumann had impeccable visual memory, where he was able to memorize a column of the phone book at a single glance. So did Leonardo da Vinci, who was said to have an amazing photographic memory.

Decay of Memory with Age is a Myth

Many people associate the degradation of memory with aging, where they tend to lose their precious memories as they get older. However, experts at Smart Pill Guide, in their various Neuro PS reviews, stated that we tend to lose our memory because we exercise our brains less as we age. Any brain enhancement pill that increases mental alertness will help the individual maintain memory performance as well. If you are wondering about the effectiveness of brain enhancement pills, asking yourself, “Does it work,” what you should know is that Neuro PS has an amazing formula designed using all natural ingredients by Puritan’s Pride to improve the user’s memory, promote mental clarity, sharpen mental focus, and aid learning ability by reducing the risk of cognitive dysfunction as we age.

The surprising facts about human memory are never ending. Here are some for you.

4 Interesting Facts about Human Memory

  1. Memory does not decay: It is frustrating not being able to recall a fact at a time when it is needed the most. However, that part of your life is still there in your brain. However, a person’s ability to retrieve the information can degrade with time.
  2. Lost memories can return: Patients of Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia lose a major part of their memory due to their illness. However, their lost memories can be retrieved, even if they have long been inaccessible. The most important example of this how you can ride a bicycle even after years of need having done so.
  3. Your memories will be altered when recalled: All of us like to recall our good times to feel good. However, many scientific studies have shown that each time you recall those memories, they tend to change slightly from what you remembered the last time. Such recalling can also give rise to false memories.
  4. Forgetting things will help you learn: When we forget something, the less relevant part pf the information becomes inaccessible. As a result, we are left with the information that is most important in our daily life. Such forgetting helps us make space for learning new things.

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