KIPPO Science Launches Global Regenerative Medicine ATP Website

KIPPO Science Launches Global Regenerative Medicine ATP Website
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HONG KONG: KIPPO Science Limited, a company that supports its range of herbal supplements with scientific proof and research, has officially launched its new website.
The company's pioneering products improve mitochondrial system recovery by improving a person's adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, system. This organic compound is a nutrient and energy present in the cells of all living things, that decreases by 1% every year from the age of 25 and by 25% from the age of 50. This decrease in ATP is largely attributed to a weakened immune system and the increase of disease.

Headed up by president Yun Jeong-man, KIPPO Science Limited sought to find a way of harnessing natural herbs to stimulate the body to self-generate ATP. In response to the common scepticism from western commentators, doctors and pharmaceutical companies, KIPPO Science Limited supports product claims with scientific research.

The company's range of ATP stimulants can address many of the leading health concerns, even minimizing risks such as memory loss, and reducing risk from heart and brain function issues. Research has also shown users to gain a natural immunity and energy boost when taking the supplement.

My research team have harnessed the power of nature to develop our product range, supporting our claims with in-depth scientific research, explains Yun Jeong-man, CEO of KIPPO Science.

We found that age alone is not what causes disease, but the increased oxidation that occurs with the loss of natural ATP production. In a similar way to how an electric car stops when there is no longer electricity, the human heart cannot power without ATP.

For this reason, we developed our ATP-boosting line of KIPPO supplements, and our new website showcases the products and explains the benefits further, he adds.

According to research from the United States National Library of Medicine, over 80 percent of the world's population are now using herbal medicine as part of their primary healthcare.

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