Leading brain experts teach you how to restore your mind to optimal health

Leading brain experts teach you how to restore your mind to optimal health
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Image: Leading brain experts teach you how to restore your mind to optimal health

(Natural News) It’s said that a person in the U.S. gets Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia every minute – that means, by the time you finish this article, someone you know may have already succumbed to this epidemic.

Health experts have warned that the risk of cognitive loss is as real as it is worrying: A woman in her 60s is twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s than she is to develop breast cancer.

But: This is not an inevitability. You can do something about this now.

Studies have shown that proper lifestyle habits and correct training programs can regenerate brain cells and improve mental health. From September 21 to October 2, 12 of the world’s leading brain experts will talk about the many (and natural) ways you can not only prevent Alzheimer’s but improve your cognitive health as well. This online video event, aptly called Regain Your Brain, will guide you towards a healthier and younger brain.

This is a complimentary event. All you need to do is register at Regain Your Brain today and receive full access to a series of interviews that will teach you the secrets to a stronger brain.

In these two weeks, you will learn:

  • Promising developments in the field of neuroscience;
  • All-new techniques that you can use now to protect yourself from dementia; and
  • The latest research on how to regain your brain, no matter your age

The event will start on Friday, September 21 and will run through October 2. Each day, one video will be available online for 24 hours. Another video will be loaded for viewing on the next day, and so on.

This couldn’t come at a better time – more and more research proves that our unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle have led to a profound risk of dementia. However, mainstream media has brainwashed us to believe that cognitive decline is something that can’t be helped. This simply isn’t true. Pioneers in neuroscience agree that you can have a young and healthy brain, even if you’re in your 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond! (Related: Cholesterol, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s–why Western Medicine gets it wrong.)

All you need to do is create the proper environment your brain needs to thrive. With Regain Your Brain, you will learn that brain disease and memory loss can become things of the past.

Be kinder to yourself. If you are concerned about your risk of Alzheimer’s, are caring for a loved one affected by this disease, or just want to know how to have a stronger brain, register for this complimentary online video event at this link.

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