More Labs Launches Liquid Focus

More Labs Launches Liquid Focus

LOS ANGELES– More Labs ( ), the science-backed brand behind the liver-boosting shot, Morning Recovery, launches a new product, Liquid Focus, this week. Their newest biohacking beverage or “productivity drink” uses clinically-proven ingredients to help sharpen the mind, provide steady energy, and ease stress.

As a healthier alternative to energy drinks with added cognitive benefits that can be felt in as soon as 30 minutes, Liquid Focus helps support the natural production of neurotransmitters that are critical for concentration, motivation, and cognitive performance, provides smooth, clean, and sustainable energy while helping to neutralize the negative effects of caffeine, and reduce stress.

The team, led by ex-Tesla Product Manager Sisun Lee, was inspired to find a solution that was more effective than coffee and energy drinks and better-for-you than misused prescription drugs. “After learning recreational prescription smart drug use was on the rise, we realized there was a demand for those seeking a quick fix for focus, motivation, and attentiveness,” said Lee. “We’re excited to provide a healthy alternative to unhealthy brain-boosting solutions.”

Liquid Focus was developed by More Labs’ in-house head of research and development and product innovation, Dr. Fu Chen (a former FDA scientist), along with guidance from a scientific advisory board of doctors from the University of Southern California (USC), and a product innovation research expert at Ritual. It uses natural, cognition-enhancing ingredients known as nootropics, a category that is expected to experience rapid growth. ($6 billion by 2024, Zion Research.)

The ready-to-drink 3.4 oz (100ml) shot is the perfect solution for overworked, overscheduled, high-achieving professionals, undergrad and graduate students, and esports gamers that are looking to increase focus, boost output, and succeed.

Later this year, More Labs plans to expand into categories beyond alcohol recovery, hydration, and nootropics to launch a ready-to-drink, holistic sleep solution designed to help ease your mind and reduce caffeine levels in your body, so you can doze off faster and wake up restored. Other new additions include a revamp of packaging in an effort to make things more environmentally friendly and a new natural lemon ginger Morning Recovery flavor.

Liquid Focus is now available for purchase at and Amazon to buy as a one-time purchase or subscribe and save.

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