POLITICS – the biggest planned distraction from health and well-being

POLITICS – the biggest planned distraction from health and well-being
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Image: POLITICS – the biggest planned distraction from health and well-being

(Natural News) There’s a reason “kill your television” has been a popular saying or “meme” for such a long time. From the Kavanaugh assault scheme to the hard-to-believe (for many reasons) pipe bomb mailer, our eyes and ears are bombarded with bad news on top of worse news, and the world keeps spinning. What’s the main underlying plot of the shock-awe-blame step-by-step fake news networks? They aim mainly to distract the masses from eating clean and avoiding chemical medicine, as all of us intelligent, educated, well-informed folks do on a daily basis. They aim mainly to keep us bickering about their lies and their propaganda, while we forget to take care of ourselves, get stressed out, eat processed junk-science food stuff and take allopathic medicines to stave off the pain and depression, the angst and anxiety, the confusion and the doubt.

Read every label, filter every toxin, and always seek natural remedies

If you haven’t noticed yet, the Socialist-Communist-Democrats are scrambling for their political lives, falling apart at the seams with each and every new plot that gets foiled, upended and dismantled by alternative media and every Trump “truther” that knows why Trump won in the first place. It was word of mouth and Trump calling out the fake news that buried “Hitlery Clinton.” It was her own scandals, bad health, and mishandling of classified information that did her in.

So while the destitute and lazy American masses who want free stuff while surrendering the Constitution for it all vote for the unhinged Demoncratic Left, the other 50+ million voters who actually have functioning bodies and brains will vote for the Republic from now on, knowing the flip side is pure terror and a new “New World Order” called tyranny.

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While the destitute, sick, obese and lazy American masses continue to eat fast food, smoke cigarettes, take prescription pain killers and SSRIs (psyche meds), the rest of us will continue to read food labels and watch out for canola oil, aspartame, nitrates, monosodium glutamate, bleached foods, sucralose, aluminum, artificial colors, sodium benzoate, and of course anything genetically modified and mutated (GMOs).

While the destitute, sick, obese and lazy American masses continue to drink water from the tap, get their flu shots, take over-the-counter medications, and trust medical doctors with chemical prescriptions for their symptoms of deep-rooted “bad food disease,” the rest of us will look to nutritionists, Naturopaths, Natural News, horticulturalists, local farmers, our own organic gardens, and indigenous medicines that have worked for thousands of years – for our own ideal health and well-being.

Most politicians invest in Big Food, Big Pharma, and the Military-Industrial War Complex

Why does the mass “fake news” media, including CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Boston Globe, and Washington Post, promote propaganda, lies, corruption, division, hatred, war, and terrorism? There’s a scary, multi-billion dollar “industry” that’s run by a handful of monopolizing corporations that all want to control what you think and what you buy, and at all times. That’s why NSA spies on U.S. citizens, and that’s why the social media giants are all extreme Leftists who gather your personal information and use it against you.

Advertising built this country, but it’s also the main reason more than 100 million people are suffering right now from cancer, diabetes, heart disease, dementia, autism, arthritis, osteoporosis, chronic inflammation and hypertension. From vaccines to pharmaceuticals, and from GMOs to processed foods, America is getting bulldozed by chemical warfare daily, and most people are too distracted by crooked politics to ever realize it.

The oncologists keep your mutated cells mutating even more with chemotherapy. The medical doctors are just glorified drug dealers who juggle multiple chemical medications like well-schooled circus clowns. Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube simply defund, shadow-ban, and outright censor anyone and anything that promotes organic living, critical thinking, intelligent discussions, and the questioning of the “narrative” that Big News dishes out all day, every day.

Always seek natural remedies, eat organic food and drink real spring water. Use GoodGopher.com (that’s not censored by corporations) for your search engine. Stick with Brighteon.com for truth videos. Try TruthWiki instead of that corrupt Wikipedia. Stay tuned to Trump.news for the latest updates on corrupt politicians trying to distract you from your intelligent, organic, prosperous life, and your God-given right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This has been a public service announcement from Natural News.

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