Sleep Well Wednesdays: How to beat the 3pm slump without caffeine or chocolate

Yes, it IS possible. Image: iStock Source:BodyAndSoul Ahh… that 3pm slump. We know it, we loathe it, but somehow, each day we struggle to avoid it, without a shot of sleep inhibiting caffeine or chocolate. Luckily sleep expert Olivia Arezzolo has just what you need to re-engergise without affecting your sleep later.

With fatigue setting in, you’re probably finding yourself mentally foggy, unable to concentrate and forgetting important details.. like that 4.30pm deadline. Or maybe you remember, but you’re too stressed out to deliver it well.

At the last minute, you surrender and reach for those tasty black espresso beans to get through, which works a treat, until that evening, when you’re unable to sleep properly or waking up at 3am .

So… what’s the solution? I’ve got four of them. And each of them, as always, is backed by science. Scale some stairs

Avoid the 3pm slump and build that booty at the same time – win-win! Research shows that climbing stairs for 15 minutes provides more energy than a shot of coffee.

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Allowing you to get your heart rate up without hitting the gym (or needing a change of clothes); this also increases blood flow around the body, which after a day of sitting, is often just what you need to get your mojo back. Second to that, look forward to feeling mentally refreshed too, with thanks to an exercise-induced endorphin rush . Align with acupuncture

With 81 percent of individuals reporting enhanced energy; and 96 percent reporting feeling more relaxed after acupuncture in a recent study ; it’s no surprise this is one of my top recommendations for beating the 3pm slump.

As a backstory, research shows acupuncture can stimulate the flow of energy by piercing specific ‘acu-points’ on the body – helping fight fatigue. But rather than having a scheduled appointment each lunchtime, opt for an acupuncture mat – such as the eco luxe one from Anja Wellbeing . Tune into Tulsi

Reduce stress by 39 percent with a cuppa? If it’s tulsi – it’s true, according to academic research . Further to that, studies also show tulsi helps anxiety , sleep and memory . Considering these are three factors that lead to your 3pm slump, arming yourself with a tulsi blend like Pukka’s Tulsi Clarity is ideal – even if you’re not working. Get onto ginkgo

Forgetting a little too often for your liking, particularly in the afternoon? Not with the support of Gingko – found in clinical studies to protect against ageing, including memory loss and signs of Alzheimer’s. By improving blood flow in the brain, neurons (brain cells) stay healthier for longer – enabling mental clarity.

Try a supplement that provides gingko, alongside other nutrients to minimise memory loss – like Vitamin b6 and B12; such as Australian Natural Care’s Brain & Memory Boost . Meditate like a monk

Want to improve mental focus by 400 percent?! Meditate . Yes. The finding, as published in Psychological Science , found meditation can improve focus and attention by a staggering 400 percent. Reflecting on the reasons you might be slumping – feeling overwhelmed is definitely one of them, especially if you WFH.

Hence, a brief meditation session allows you to step back and refocus, with greater strength than ever. And if that’s not all, evidence also shows long term meditators spend double the amount of time in deep sleep too, furthering your focus capacity.


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