Strawberries found to reduce inflammation and prevent cognitive decline

Strawberries found to reduce inflammation and prevent cognitive decline
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Image: Strawberries found to reduce inflammation and prevent cognitive decline

(Natural News) Strawberries may be sweet and juicy, but they are more than just their taste. This fruit can reduce inflammation and cognitive issues related to aging.

In a study published in the Journals of Gerontology Series A, a team of researchers from the Salk Cellular Neurobiology Laboratory discovered that these are all due to the dietary flavonoid called fisetin, which is abundant in strawberries. The research team fed prematurely aging mice a daily dose of fisetin with their food for seven months, and a different group of prematurely aging mice was fed with the same food but without fisetin. During the study period, they subjected the mice to various activity and memory tests. In addition, they looked at the levels of specific proteins in the mice associated with brain function, stress responses, and inflammation.

Results revealed that getting more of fisetin can provide benefits to memory and osteoarthritis symptoms. The group of mice that did not receive fisetin showed increased markers of inflammation and stress, as well as difficulties on the cognitive tests. On the other hand, the group that received fisetin did not show any sign of age-related decline both physically and cognitively. In addition, there were no signs of toxicity or adverse effects from taking the compound fisetin, even at high doses.

Earlier studies have also found fisetin to be beneficial to the conditions of mercury exposure, homocysteine clearance, diabetic neuropathy, and liver damage. Fisetin can also be found in other fruits, such as apples, grapes, kiwis, mangoes, persimmons, and tomatoes. It can also be obtained from vegetables, such as cucumbers and onions as well as some types of nuts. However, strawberries have the highest amount of this powerful flavonoid among other dietary sources.

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Other health benefits of strawberries

Strawberries are also packed with other nutrients and antioxidants. Therefore, this superfood offers a wide range of health benefits. Here are other reasons why you should include strawberries in your diet:

  1. Boost your immune system – Strawberries are a great source of vitamin C, and this vitamin is a well-known immunity booster. This vitamin is also a powerful, fast-working antioxidant. One serving of this fruit will provide 51.5 milligrams (mg) of vitamin C – which is nearly half of your daily requirement.
  2. Keep your eyes healthy – Strawberries contain antioxidants that may help prevent cataracts, the clouding over of the eye lens which can result in blindness in older age. Strawberries’ vitamin C also help protect the eyes from exposure to free-radicals from the UV rays of the sun, which can impair the protein in the lens. Vitamin C also contributes to strengthening the cornea and retina of the eyes.
  3. Fight cancer – In addition to vitamin C, the phytochemical called ellagic acid in strawberries can help with cancer prevention. It has been shown to possess anti-cancer properties like suppressing cancer cell growth. Other antioxidants found in strawberries like lutein and zeathancins can ward off free radicals and neutralize the potentially negative effect these free radicals can bring to the cells.
  4. Prevent skin aging – Vitamin C is also important in the production of collagen, which helps improve the elasticity and resilience of the skin. Eating foods rich in vitamin C may keep the skin look healthier and younger. The ellagic acid content of strawberries also prevented collagen destruction and inflammatory response – both of which are primary factors in the development of wrinkles.
  5. Lower your cholesterol – Ellagic acid and flavonoids can benefit the heart health. Strawberries also reduce oxidative damage and blood lipids, which also contribute to heart disease and diabetes.

Just make sure that the strawberries you are consuming are organic or locally grown. This is because the Environmental Working Group (EWG) found out that strawberries are the most pesticide-ridden crop you can eat.

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