The best probiotics and supplements for coronavirus times

The best probiotics and supplements for coronavirus times

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It’s natural that we’re all a little bit more concerned about our health right now as we live through these strange times. While my diet probably has never been worse (hello quarantine baking!) I’ve been trying to fit in daily workouts and have added some supplements to try to boost both my mood and my immune system. And to give myself the illusion of controlling my destiny when literally nothing else in my life is under control (cue hysterical laughter)… Here are 7 brands I tested to help improve my health

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The Science Bit: Seed is both a pre- and probiotic specially designed for women, containing 24 potent strains of bacteria that have been clinically proven to not only ease digestion and significantly increase folate production, but to also contribute to cardiovascular health and improve dermatological health.

My Take: Seed is a pricey investment, and I hemmed and hawed a lot before pulling the trigger, but out of my whole supplement arsenal, these have been the game changer. While I haven’t seen noticeable digestive changes, I credit the clearing up of my hormone-related chin breakouts to these babies. I might be in quarantine, but I’ve never had better skin. Shame only my family gets to see it! Seed’s Probiotics are a subscription model, so you commit to paying $50 per month and each month’s package of pills comes in fully biodegradable and recycled packaging. Per Seed’s recommendations I started by taking one capsule a day and increased to two a day (on an empty stomach) after a couple of weeks. Nobi Nutrition Magnesium Complex Premium

The Science Bit: Magnesium is a mineral that keeps blood pressure normal, bones strong (especially important for women heading towards menopause) and heart rhythm steady. If you lack magnesium in your diet you’re at risk for increased inflammation which in turn can lead to heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers.

My Take: Knowledgeable nutritionist pals of mine say, “If you only take one supplement, make it magnesium,” and I happily follow their advice. When I pop one or two magnesium capsules right before bed, I find I sleep more deeply and am less likely to wake up during the night. I don’t know whether this magnesium is better than others – it’s just easily available on Amazon.

Photo via Amazon Thorne Vitamin D/K2 Liquid

The science Bit: Vitamin D3 can help to support the immune system and helps to move calcium from the bones to the bloodstream when it’s needed. In this liquid supplement (which is an easier form of Vitamin D for the body to absorb) it’s combined with Vitamin K2, which is essential for normal cell formation and the maintenance of a healthy cardiovascular system.

My Take: It’s a bit tricky to try to drop the little droplets directly into your mouth, so I drop them onto a teaspoon and then lick the spoon afterwards. I also give this to my kids on a daily basis because none of us are getting enough sun while we’re stuck indoors for most of the day! It has no taste at all, so there are zero complaints. Liposomal Glutathione

The Science Bit: Glutathione is one of the body’s most powerful detoxifiers. It can support healthy immune function and can neutralize a broad spectrum of free radicals. Glutathione can protect our cells from damage caused by peroxides, pollutants, metals and more, and can improve metabolic energy.

My Take: I keep this little bottle in the fridge, and take two pumps first thing in the morning. You hold the liquid in your mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing, at which point one of my kids is sure to ask me a question so I have to frantically point to my mouth and signal before they ask again and again. It’s a fun game. HUM Nutrition’s Moody Bird, Arctic Repair and Red Carpet

The Science Bit: HUM recommends this trio of supplements for moms. Red Carpet contains black currant seed oil, gamma linolenic acid and vitamin E and promises glowing skin and shiny hair. Arctic Repair contains wild arctic lingonberry seed oil which has been clinically shown to rejuvenate the skin and reduce wrinkles. Moody Bird contains dong qui and chaste berry and is your monthly ally vs. PMS.

My Take: I love this trifecta of supplements from HUM, all of which feel very gentle on my stomach with no nasty after-taste. The Arctic Repair and Red Carpet I take on a daily basis, while the Moody Bird I take for the week leading up to getting my period. My hair is definitely in much better condition than before I started taking them, but that could be aided by the fact that I’ve stopped applying any heat treatments to my hair also. Welle Co’s “TheSuper Elixir” and “The Super Booster”

The Science Bit: The Super Elixir by Welle (Elle Macperhson’s wellness brand) is a cult product in Australia, and contains a combo of 45 naturally derived ingredients, including whole foods, herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals and probiotics.

My Take: I fantasize that consuming the Elixir and super-boosters will magically transform me into tanned and toned Elle MacPherson, and they are delicious additions to your daily smoothie or blitzed in a blender with just some coconut water. I love choosing a different Super Booster every day, with my fave being the Women’s Libido and Hormone Support. The Pineapple and Lime Elixir flavor is super-yummy but friends swear by the vanilla flavor. Sun Potion’s Lion’s Mane and Astragalus Herbal Supplements

The Science Bit: Lion’s Mane is a “mind power mushroom” that may support memory, mental clarity, nervous system, athletic recovery, balanced mood and immune strength. Astragalus Extract is a traditional Taoist herb which may […]


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