Top 7 addictions you MUST QUIT to become your greatest self

Top 7 addictions you MUST QUIT to become your greatest self

( Natural News ) Research shows that willpower is actually more important than IQ, which is why the point is not to become “smarter,” but to become more self-disciplined. Will power is the foundation of all human achievements. Everyone has some willpower, but we always feel that we need more, often because we tend to use up what we have. That’s called willpower depletion. The good news is that you can actually train your willpower like a muscle. A famous Italian author once wrote, “I am, indeed, a king, because I know how to rule myself.”

Mental and physical health are hinged on how a person feels at any given moment. We must remain in control of how we feel at all times, but how? The answer: balance. We all know how to balance our physical body so we don’t fall over when we stand up, or while we ride a bike, or hop across some stones over a flowing stream.

So how do we balance ourselves mentally, and even spiritually, so we don’t “fall over” every time we run into an obstacle, or someone else distracts us, criticizes us, or drains us like an energy vampire? Realize that we are more apt to help others by simply modeling balance and success in our own lives. Don’t drain yourself trying to “fix” everyone else. That brings us to addictions. We all have addictions, which makes most people immediately think of food, alcohol or drugs when they hear that, but there are all kinds of addictions, beyond the physical realm, that must be addressed to overcome feelings of inadequacy, and so we can become our greatest self.

What about failure? Some folks are literally more afraid of success than they are of failure, because success means they will need to “repeat” that success over and over, which they believe might be too difficult, yet once we’re successful at something, it becomes easier and easier to repeat, until it becomes second nature. Don’t fear success, embrace it. Success is every moment you feel positive and balanced. Start controlling this now. Here’s more. Defeating defeatism and avoiding the energy vampires all around us

Simply turning on the news (fake news with commercials) can be instantly depressing. Also, friends, relatives, and coworkers incessantly complaining and whining about their problems to us can drain our energy, focus, and our own desire to accomplish our goals, day in and day out. We don’t want to be selfish, but how can we help others if we can’t help ourselves, and stay balanced and focused?

Step one: Release yourself from worry. We must watch what we think each minute, all day, and pull the “weed” thoughts and throw them away. Just as you keep your physical balance if someone bumps into you, keep your mental balance (positive thoughts) when someone or something negative enters your mental or physical space. You are in complete control of what goes on in your head. Practice keeping balance there. Even force yourself to smile in the face of adversity.

Step two: Stop complaining and waiting for “ideal conditions” to do what you want to do. Train your brain to be positive, which may mean disassembling negative thinking. Ever taken something apart and put it back together, just for the fun of it?

Step three: Change everything you put into your body into healthy inputs, including information, attitude, self-opinion, food, beverages, supplements, superfoods , and clean water. Your body is the temple of your soul, including your mind. It all needs to run on “high octane” fuel, not “dirty oil” or fluoridated water. So, without further adieu, let’s address the top 7 addictions you simply must quit to become your greatest self

#1. Defeatism – dissatisfaction with life and feelings of inadequacy

#2. Quitting – Quit quitting. Instead, be persistent, confident, committed, and strong-willed. Overcome obstacles and circumvent obstacles.

#3. Waiting for “ideal conditions” to start something – people who take action accomplish amazing feats, stop waiting for the perfect situation (end procrastination)

#4. Complaining – over time, your brain gets trained to be negative about everything

#5. Distractions – Social media, fake MSM news, misinformation, and criticism

#6. Comparing – You will always be able to find someone who is doing what you do or want to do “much better” so don’t let it bring you down, focus on self and progress

#7. Consumption addictions – including any of the following: high sugar , high caffeine (think energy drinks), nicotine (smoke or vape more than 40mg. daily), excessive alcohol, junk food, and artificial sweeteners. Ending addiction cravings can end addictions entirely, the natural way

Many people are figuring out they can cut back on or completely QUIT bad daily “rituals” and addictive habits, like consuming too much sugar, nicotine, alcohol, or caffeine, by putting to work for them a new supplement beverage called Krave Kicker , that contains mucuna pruriens extract and vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin. The propriety blend is the ultimate natural boost for dopamine levels, while helping to balance the central nervous system .

It’s good to know there’s a natural remedy for everything under the sun, you just have to know what to look for and where. End addictive bad habits and extinguish those addiction cravings, so you can make this the beginning of your new greatest self.

Special Note: This article was authored by Herbal Remedy Insider, a researcher for Krave Kicker, the manufacturer of a functional beverage that contains a natural, herbal remedy for addiction cravings. This publisher was NOT compensated in any way for carrying this article. It is not a sponsored article, but the author is receiving publicity of this news item in exchange for providing the article at no cost.

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