Best Brain Supplements for Increased Mental Performance

Best Brain Supplements for Increased Mental Performance 2017
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Wouldn’t it be great to be able to concentrate longer and stay focused at school or work? Maybe even increase your IQ, memory or even creativity? Now you can. The answer is a newer line of supplements that are made to do all those things we listed above and more. These brain supplements are called nootropics and they deliver.

Nootropics will help you process information faster, have better decision making, solve problems and not fall behind younger minds. If you need help with memory, focus or even your motivation then these brain supplements might be just what you are looking for.

There is a wide variety of people who use brain supplements. From athletes to older people to accountants to students and even fighter pilots. If it is something that requires high mental demand and focus, then there are probably people using brain supplements.

What do brain supplements do?

When it comes to a good brain supplement or nootropic there are several things they do for you. They are:

Increase concentration– If you are one of those people who has trouble staying focused on a task and keep jumping from one thing to another without really getting much accomplished then nootropics can be a big help. Rhodiola Rosea is an herb to look for in a nootropic that helps with concentration. Many nootropics will increase your attention span as well.

Enhanced problem solving – Nootropics are great at enhancing problem solving and learning. A good nootropic will increase your Alpha Brain Waves which puts you in a state of wakeful relaxation, an ideal state for studying, learning or achieving superior work productivity. Similar to an athlete being in the zone.

Improve memory – Brain supplements contain ingredients that improve your memory. Vinpocetine in particular has been shown to be an effective memory booster, Huperzine-A has also been shown to boost memory as well. If you are looking to boost your memory make sure your nootropic has at least one of those ingredients.

Increase motivation – Brain supplements will boost your motivation to get your butt up and get stuff done. Say goodbye to all that procrastination you have been doing. A brain supplement with the right ingredients will get your behind moving. You will become an efficient machine.

Best Brain supplements

Best Brain Supplement Ingredients

We have looked over many studies and all the latest research to develop our list of the most effective ingredients you should look for in a brain boosting supplement. We have narrowed it down to the following list as the most important and effective ingredients. If you are looking at a brain booster that doesn’t use a lot of these ingredients you should probably think twice.

Citicoline – This is one you might have heard of before. Citicoline is a fast working brain supplement that has been shown to increase mental energy. It also increases RNA levels to enhance memory function and retention. This one is a must.

Rhodiola Rosea – This one is an herb that has been shown to stimulate mental performance. It also reduces stress in the brain freeing the brain to achieve a higher level of concentration.

L-Tyrosine – This helps your body produce the neurotransmitters norepinephrine, dopamine and epinephrine for increased brain power and pleasure. This one has also been shown to help with attention span.

L-Theanine – This one is an amino acid found in tea leaves. It has been shown to increase Alpha Brain Waves which will make you feel more calm as well as increased attention and focus.

Phosphatidylserine – This ingredient is another that had been shown to improve cognitive function versus a placebo. It is also good at removing toxins and dead brain cells. It also energizes brain cells and keeps brain cell membranes flexible & fluid, and multiplies brain cells like crazy.

Lion’s Mane – No, this isn’t hair from the mane of an actual African lion. It’s actually a mushroom that generates new brain cells, particularly brain nerve cells. It used to be thought that we could not grow new brain cells, fortunately this is not the case.

Bacopa monnieri – We found these to be an important ingredient because it is effective at improving brain function by enhancing transmission of nerve impulses. In studies, it has been shown to increase verbal learning, memory, as well as processing speed.

Vinpocetine – This one has been shown to enhance mental acuity while improving both your long-term and short-term memory. It has also been shown to improve your ability to deal with difficult situations and increase alertness.

What to avoid in a Brain Supplement?

One thing you should certainly avoid would be synthetic brain supplement ingredients that can be harmful or unproven. Some are even banned by sports organizations as they can overstimulate your cardiovascular system. Ingredients to avoid include:


You should also stay away from the prescription amphetamines like Adderall and Ritalin as they can become addicting.

Avoid proprietary blends

Proprietary blends are getting to be a bit of a problem in the fitness supplement industry and the brain supplement industry is really chock full of them. A proprietary blend is where they blend a bunch of ingredients together and call it a blend and they don’t list how much of each ingredient is in the blend, just how big the blend itself is. That’s not good if you want to know how much of each ingredient is going in to your body, there is no way to tell.

To be honest we had trouble finding any good brain supplements that weren’t proprietary blends. Seems like proprietary blends are almost the norm when it comes to brain supplements which is unfortunate.

Best Brain Supplements for Increased Mental Performance

We have busted our butts researching the ingredients, company’s reputation and reading the customer reviews on the best brain supplements available right now. Here’s the run down:

1 Mind Lab Pro


Topping of our list is a beast of nootropic in Mind Lab Pro. This one is somewhat newer to the market and has definitely raised the bar when it comes to brain supplements. It has been formulated using the latest scientific research and it is jam packed with the best ingredients of any brain supplement by far. We should mention it also has some really good reviews and they are all true.

Mind Lab Pro is a jack of all trades and does everything well, some brain supplement focus mainly on one area.

The formulation and quality here are top-notch and thankfully it doesn’t use a proprietary blend like most of the other guys do. Everything is nice and straightforward and you know exactly what you are getting and how much. We also like that it is all 100% all natural and there is nothing artificial and no fillers. Even the capsules themselves are made from vegetable matter.


  • Boosts all brain functions
  • No proprietary blends
  • 100% natural, no fillers
  • Contains the most proven ingredients
  • Friendly dose of Citicoline
  • Has Lion’s Mane to stimulate new brain cells
  • Ultra-High Quality

Any Negatives?

  • Not available in stores. Only on their website.


Mind Lab Pro is loaded with recommended ingredients and is head and shoulders above the competition. It has received excellent reviews and has very straightforward labeling, everything is transparent and of all the top brain supplements it was the only one that isn’t a blend so you know exactly what you are getting. Mind Lab Pro works to improve your focus, concentration, processing speed, memory and increase Alpha Brain Waves, brain building and mental energy. We also love that it is 100% natural. This one is the real deal and is highly recommended. The competition better look out, this one is a game changer.

Check out their website for more information on this product.

2 Alpha Brain


Of all the nootropic brain supplements out there this one is probably the biggest name and most recognizable, especially for those in the fitness industry. Alpha Brain is made by Onnit and it is a pretty decent product. It contains several of our preferred ingredients which we like and is endorsed by Joe Rogan and others but Joe also owns the majority of the company so this endorsement isnt surprising.

This one uses some solid nootropic ingredients that we like and they tout their own special ingredient AC-11. Ac-11 is a special form of the Cats Claw herb and is an ingredient they have a patent on. It is supposed to dissolve proteins that cause brain degeneration and can improve cognitive health and performance. AC-11 still needs more testing done on it though and is unproven as of yet. If it works like they claim it could be a nice breakthrough, time will tell.

While we like that they have several of our recommended ingredients in their product the unfortunate thing is they use a proprietary blend so we dont even know how much of each ingredient in the blend. The number of milligrams in each capsule is low though so that leads us to believe that it isnt possible for there to be enough of each ingredient for optimal results.


  • Contains many of the best brain supplement ingredients
  • Reputable name
  • Uses oat straw to alleviate neurological stress and exhaustion
  • Uses three blends for fuel, focus and flow

Any Negatives?

  • Uses a proprietary blend
  • High cost per dose (bottle only lasts 15 days)
  • Doesnt use Citicoline


This product does contain many of the best nootropic ingredients and has sold over 40 million capsules. You dont sell that many if you dont have a good product. Unfortunately ,they use a proprietary blend so we are unable to know what the doses are of the ingredients. This one is probably the best when it comes to the Alpha Brain Waves as the name suggests and is a solid nootropic. It isnt as good as Mind Lab Pro, but it comes in second place which is still respectable and is a good alternative.

Check out their website for more information on this product.

3 Nootroo

best brain supplement

Rounding out our top 3 is Nootroo. This one is really strong in the motivation department so if you are looking for something to give you a good boost of motivation this might be a good one for you. This is pretty popular with college students who do a lot of studying as well.

Nootroo uses a 2-pill system. The gold pill that features Noopept and a silver pill that features Phenylpiracetam. You alternate days taking each pill. One-day gold the next silver and so on. Why is do they use a 2-pill system? We have no idea and it doesn’t say anywhere on their website, most likely it’s mostly for marketing.

Each capsule also contains citicoline which we love as our favorite nootropic ingredient. The gold capsule uses noopept which we like although it did not make the list of our top ingredients. It has been shown to boost mood and lower anxiety and even depression. The silver capsule features Phenylpiracetam which has been shown to be an effective nootropic in some studies, be careful if you are an athlete though because it is banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

This one is another one that has some nice ingredients, they keep it simple by using only a few of the most effective ingredients. The only problem is they also use a proprietary blend so again you have no idea on the amount of each ingredient you are getting. Aside from the blend it is a pretty solid product that is definitely worthy of third place.


  • Good motivation booster
  • Uses Citicoline
  • Popular with college students

Any negatives?

  • Uses a proprietary blend
  • Needs more top ingredients
  • No reasoning behind the silver and gold capsules


Overall Nootroo is a pretty good product, it does well for motivation and uses some good ingredients. We do wish they had a few more of our recommended ingredients and we also wish it wasn’t a blend. Also, I would love to know the reasoning on the gold and silver capsules.

Checkout their website for more information on this product.

Overall conclusion

There you have the best three brain supplements on the market. Mind Lab Pro is the top choice. It use superior ingredients and should give you a nice edge and increase your concentration, memory and decision-making so you can get more done at work, school or any other part of life than you ever imagined.

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